My Friend Tammy

I wrote this story for my good friend in South Africa.

My Friend Tammy Loves Her Work.
By: Me
Written on June 24th, 2013
I could see you,Tammy in your glass office wearing a nice white blouse and black knee length skirt over your tight cotton panties,skin colored pantyhose,and 3 inch black heels .You were sitting on your leather chair behind your desk drinking a cup of coffee that your sexy PA had just brought you.You told her to sit in an other leather chair and began to dictate a very long letter to her,although she was squirming a little and obviously needed to pee soon.She sat dutifully and wrote in her pad as you talked,pretending not to notice her discomfort,but loving it.She asked if she could go for a minutes but you said that this letter was very urgent and had to be done right away,so she had to stay and finish it,although it was near the end of the day,and other workers could be seen through your glass wall leaving to go home.
As you kept talking I could see that look of desperation in her face,and then it turned to despair as a stream of hot pee suddenly flooded her chair and she kept on writing,trying to hide her soaking wet skirt from the boss and pretend nothing had happened.You eventually finished the letter dictation and let her go,walking sideways so you would not see her wet ass.Once she had left your office,you looked round and saw that all the others had already left and you were alone with nobody to see what you would do.Now you quickly got up out of your hot leather seat,walked over the the PA’s seat which was still looking very wet,you bent over and sniffed the seat,then wiped your right hand on the slight pool of pee she had left,checked that nobody was there to see you and put your fingers in your mouth to taste the amber nectar as you returned to your seat at your desk.A smile filled your beautiful face,and you eased up slightly off your chair with a very naughty look on your face.You had been desperate to poop all the time you had been dictating,but had held on until your PA was gone.Now you were able to relax and stop clenching your cheeks,and in a few seconds a look of bliss was on your face as a large soft and warm poop began to enter your panties from your pretty ass.You half stood as your panties became filled almost to the point of overflowing,but your panties managed to hold all of the poop in with none of it escaping.Now you looked round once more and still there was nobody in sight,so you slowly eased yourself back down into your seat,smiling as the warm poop spread inside your panties,some being pushed up the back almost to the waistband,but most of it going forward,caressing your tingling pussy as it covered it and passed onward creeping up over your flat belly then easing to each side as you put your hand to your belly to help it move round to meet the poop at your back.
Now you were really needing to pee,but not here;you got up from your poop perfumed chair and,walking absolutely normally,so nobody would guess your panties were filled with poop,made your way to the elevator and descended to the garage.Still looking in case there were others there to see your joyful face,but it was empty of workers,so you walked to your car and eased into your seat,which you had covered with a plastic sheet and a think brown towel ready for your adventure.You moved round in the drivers seat,enjoying a new spreading of your still warm poop being pushed into its best position for the journey home,and now that urgent need to pee could be accepted and executed.As you start the car and slip it into drive you again relax as the very full bladder inside the poop covered belly now began to release its contents into your ,now brown.cotton panties,making your warm soft poop now warmer and smoother as you press your hands over your lower body enjoying the feeling of ecstasy that is sweeping over your whole being.The pee keeps coming for what seems like ages,and you think how fantastic this day has been,but it is not over.As your hands are drawn to your super tingling pussy and your fingers tough its quivering lips,A mighty orgasm sweeps over your whole body,and you have to take the car out of drive for a few minutes until you can calm down enough to face the evening traffic and head for home,the happiest driver on any road in the whole country,smiling all over not just your face,but your whole body.

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