My fisrt pantypoop

Everyone who dies this regularly remembers there first, its a special thing just like first time having sex but much much more personal because in most cases u cant discuss it with anyone , u dont have a partner to talk to. I was luckier then most i had someone to talk to about this , my brother who later became something more (if anyone is interested in that can talk about it dont know if this site is a place for that kind of story).
In my experience most people start out the same , they dont get home in time and bam , and they discover how wonderful it is, all of my friends save for one started out like that. My case wasnt different , was coming home from an afternoon math class , realized early i should have gone to the bathroom before i left, but its not a problem i can get home in time if i hurry, all was going well , about half way i spot 2 dogs fucking , and caught the moment when the huge red rocket slided in , at this time i had never thought of guys , so i dont realy know why i am turned on but i am . I just cant stop watching , ofc i understand i cant just stare so, i try to stand casually at the corner like i am waiting for someone , i dont know much i stood there but enough for my careful plan about hurrying home to fall apart.
I realize that i am doomed i will most certainly not make it home i am lucky i get to the next corner (i didnt ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I admit a genuine panic got over me , these things are kind of coded into us , shiting your pants is a bad thing and its horrible. I can barely walk i know my end is near , i was upset and felt ashamed. I admit it wasnt a pleasent feeling all those things u pick up society condemns these things and u dont know anything else so even before anything happens u start condemning your self.
I took one more step and knowing i am more then 20 mins away from home i felt..omg its coming…
I remember i even teared up a bit , was so upset, but then something wonderful happened.
Expecting a horrible feeling i set my self up for that , instead i felt a wondeful caressing warm feeling enveloping my pants. I remember it caught me by surprise it felt so good and like someone hugs u it felt warm and safe.
Without a second thought i let go of all my holding back and in the same time i started pushing.
Lucky my pants were tight and it was getting dark , no one saw me , because it was a huge bulge.
Now relaxed and calm , and smiling from ear to ear started walking home , all the way pushing
sometimes i would get lucky and could squize out a bit more poop, was the first sexual experience of my life which didnt involve a porn magazine (yes grew up in the 90s so no internet and a flood of porn) and Rosie palm and the 5 sisters. I came in my pans just from walking never touching my self.
I got home and as i opened the front door to our apartment i knew i cant hide my condition from my brother but maybe he wont hate me for it , we had a really good relationship as brothers , were best friends and i could always count on him , but nevertheless i felt a bit ashamed. Lucky our mother was away to some fuck buddy as usual.
When i got indoors he was right in the hallways o he noticed imediatly and i disappeared into the bathroom. I knew i have to explain to him but i wanted to clean up first. When i got out he was wainting for me in the living room and i wanted to say something but i remember i couldnt get a word out and ofc felt ashamed. I guess a lot of us feel this way at first and most never get help and have to figure it out on our own that this is ok. Now its easier the net provides access to groups like this where u can learn u arent alone but remember its the 90s and u feel alone and alien.
He asked me if i had an accident ? finally i managed to say a meager yes.
He allways was close to me , understood me like no one else so its not a big surprise he picked up on the most subtle of signs when i got home , he said :
– If i am not mistaken u werent to devastated by what happened? and gave me a smile
I admitted it felt good and knowing he will understand i told him about cumming in my pants, i was still blushing like crazy so he stepped closer and gave me a hug , and told me no reason to be ashamed , i didnt harm anyone , something happened and it felt good , nothing to be ashamed about.
Simple word , but i cant tell u how much it helped me , i will be always be grateful to him for this .
We retreated to our room and to our new found obsession , its late 1999 we finally gotten our hands on a copy of Heroes of might and magic 3 and we fell in love with it.
If the story would have ended here i probably would have forgotten about it and maybe never have pooped my pants again. Lucky it didnt.
Next day afternoon were continuing our game , completly oblivious to the fact we were suppose to eat like 2 hours ago but hey it can wait.
Suddenly i jump and start heading towards the toilet , he gently took hold of my arm and asked where i am going.
– What do you think genious? was my answer i mean the toilet door is in front of me where ever could i be in a HURRY?
He takes out a pack of panties from a bag (thick wool and tight band on there side , just perfect for… ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and hands them over.
– Why not go for a walk? i ofc know what he means , until he handed me those panties i completly forgot about yesterday. Now i remember how wonderful it felt, i start to blush and just but. but..
– No buts , yesterday when u got home the hallway lit up when u entered , i never seen u so happy.
I remember i started craving that wonderful moment from yesterday closed my eyes a second.
– Like i said , go and take a long walk and he was smiling.
Needed no more convincing changed into the new panties and grabbed some cloths on, the fact that my brother of all people just gave me poop panties basically and told me to go out and use them didnt even hit me yet.
When i reached the front door it hit me , if i take a step outside , i will poop my self.
What he told me must have worked because i remember smiling to my self , i will and i cant wait .
– Have fun i see my brother looking at me from our rooms door and he is smiling.
Outside i m walking down the stairs then out on the street, i know i will not last long , same situation as yesterday , in fact its way different , yes i know i will poop my self but i am not fearing this , i know it will be a wonderful thing and i am not ashamed.
Why not just push it in u ask , well good question , instincts kick in i start walking towards the park and try to reach it and i am holding it in , strugling.
Then it hits me , i am strugling to hold it in , when i am here for the opposite, i remember even made me laugh a bit.
Immediately i let go and push it in , the warm hugging feeling is back , yippee! ๐Ÿ™‚
While i was walking home i was amaized how far i made it , continuously pushing all the way.
Then it hits me , my brother went out and baught me panties specifically for me to poop in them.
Now i open the door smiling and not fearing what i have done , he ofc is in the living room waiting , smiles .
After i got out of the bathroom, before he could say anything i asked him.
– Did u just get me pants for this?
– I saw them on the way home and thought they would be perfect for… long walks, is there a problem?
I was blown away started laughing both of us and then he interupts.
– Come on already i am waiting for u to move for like half an hour.
Omg our game ๐Ÿ˜€ we rushed back inside our room and played till like 4 am.
This is how i got hooked , from now on going on walks will be standard practice for me , hope you enjoyed it. Any comments are welcome.
If anyone wants to hear what happened later between us 2 (if this site allows these kinds of stories) tell me.

PS: I apologize for my grammar, english isnt my first language.

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  1. I always remember my first poop in my panties at a movie with my mother.I was 20 and felt so embarrassed yet I loved the feeling of soft warm poop spread all over my butt.I have pooped my panties every time I can ever since then 8 years ago.

  2. Great story, and I can relate to the same sort of happening except my brother was not impressed!

  3. I was 12 years old and put TP in my underware and went and hide in the closet. I remember pushing and feeling it push into my pants. I was ashamed and felt good at the same time. I stopped doing it when I was around 14 and started back again about 5 years ago. I like to do it while I masterbate now. Cumming in your pants as your pooping is amazing. It always gives me strong orgasms.

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