my first time useing diapers

I was 12 and my mom and dad were dl’s. Then one day i got home from school. They sat me down and said ethan we like to use diapers. At first i thought it was a joke but then they showed me they were wearing diapers. Then as the months went on they made me be a dl. Finnaly i just used diapers. that is how i became a dl.

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  1. I just had a similar talk with my son about diapers. I didn’t remember I left the diapers out in my closet. He asked me about needed a larger cup for hockey so I sent him in for one of mine hanging up in my closet. He came out, cup in one hand, diaper in the other. OUTED!!!!
    I explained things to him, how I enjoyed wearing and going. He was a little confused/naive but I handed him a few and asked him to wear one, if he wanted. He had his first wetting this evening. Judging from the tent in the front, he enjoyed it.
    I also wore my abena around the house and made sure I went while he was there.
    Be both come from the same cloth about this topic, so you know what it’s like. I was formerly bi, but now consider myself gay. He knows about that too.
    Once he has messed and wet, I am going to sit him down so he sees the rest.
    PS….loved the vid of the molicare. Wish I was at that bike stop. Where is it?

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