My First Time Pooping Myself

The first time I ever pooped myself, I was living with my boyfriend at the time and he was sound asleep in the bedroom. I would often stay up and look at porn because my dick was always hard, and I of course started wandering over to wetpantsboy. I watched several videos in a row of guys getting such a relief out of filling up their underwear or pants with their hot shit, cocks visibly twitching, and I mentally dared myself to try it. 

The rush of having my boyfriend, who didn’t know I was into scat at all, be asleep in the next room was exhilarating. I went into the bathroom, locked the door, wearing a normal, sky blue pair of Fruit of the Loom undies. My cock was already getting hard. I didn’t know which way to do it, so I just squat down on the bathroom floor. 
Potty training worked against me as I began to push and I let out a quiet grunt as I tried to make myself shit. After a few seconds, I was taken aback by the force my shit came out with. Within a fraction of a second, a huge, thick, knotted turd filled up my underwear, pushing out a bulge almost as big as my hard cock was. 
I was really nervous. The smell began to fill my nostrils and I was more turned on at that moment than I’d ever been before. My mind then dared me to do something else. So, I impulsively sat in it. The warmth covered my taint and my balls and all the way up to the top of my crack. I began to rub my cock viciously. 
But then I got nervous. I pulled down my heavy underwear and sat on the toilet, and began to beat my dick off looking at my completely ruined undies. Within a minute or so, I knew I was ready to shoot. My cum rocketed into the air and only a few drops managed to actually land in my soiled briefs, and the rest hit my shower curtain and the wall. It took me a few minutes to fully understand what I did. 
I looked down at my underwear, at my hard cock, my balls coated in my own shit, and the cum dripping down the walls. I felt shame, slightly, but was still incredibly turned on. I knew that I’d found something really really hot, that I’d want to do again and again and again. 
And I definitely have. 🙂
That was my story, what is yours? xxx

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  2. I REALLY got into it after an accident in grammar school (I was too vain to use a doorless stall), though I have had pleasurable incidents for as long as I can remember.

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