My first time pooping myself ( by accident)

I don’t know what I was thinking on Sunday by not pooping in the morning. The Sunday went awesome and I didn’t feel any desperation. However I woke up late on Monday with an urge to poop. However as I was late, I had to go to class no matter what I just had to go . Soo I went to the class . It was of 4 hours soo I thought i could make it but I was wrong. My family has no such problem soo I was pretty confident about my holding . Well holding pee is more easy than holding poop. I had to poop pretty bad while I was cycling to my class when I was in 5 th grade. However i made it to the class without pooping myself I wasn’t sure if I could make it. The pain grew stronger I’m every minute. It was hurting soo much that I just couldn’t hold it anymore. There were no bathrooms in the class soo I had no choice but to hold on. There is a girl in my class on whom I had a crush and probably she liked me too I don’t know why but was continuously watching me
I was trying soo hard to hold my poop but I still held it in while squabbling and squirming without a reaction on my face till it was the end of the class as soon as I got to unlock my cycle I felt like I was loosing control. I quickly got on the bike while pooping and got out of the class whilr pooping myself as I just lost control of it. I was soo happy that I had wore black jeans at that day I had totally filled my underwear with golden poop and not only that but I was pooping myself till I got home .when I reached home I had totally filled my pants and still had much to go. I got off the cycle and just poopef myself completely because I knew it was too late. I just ringed the door bell and went Straight to the bathroom with pants filled . On the way mom asked me how was you day and I said , ” painful ” .
Moral : never ever forget to go to poop before going anywhere!!!?

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  1. When I was in 4th grade, I had a crabby old teacher who liked seeing kids being uncomfortable. She would not let me go to the bathroom.. The pressure was so great that I had to grab the seat and pull my butt hard to the seat to try to keep from going in my p;ants. It got so painful that I was considering just giving up and letting it go in my pants, but luckily it subsided. It was near the end of the day so hopefully it wouldn’t return until school got out. I had a two block walk home, The second half through a vacant lot and an alley. It started returning again, but I thought, why not? I was wearing briefs under my jeans and no one would be home till later, so I decided not to fight it and just relaxed my butthole and it felt sooo good just “letting it go” in my pants My jeans were tight enough to make the warm, mushy load spread across my butt. By time my parents got home, I was all cleaned up and the house aired out. After that, I did it frequently whenever I had to poop during school and could wait until I got out.

  2. In 3rd grade my teacher never let anyone use the bathroom. So she would teach us painfully long lessons. She would even make us drink water ever 40 seconds. And she even makes us wear these really short skirts. And there were even cameras under our desks, pointed at our crotch. Everytime we peed our pants it would be sent to the teacher. She hated me the most and made me drink water even 20 seconds. I was usually one of the first people to pee in our class.

  3. I think every pupil whose teacher does not let them go to the bathroom should pee and poop in their pants just to teach the teacher what happens when the whole class poops their pants and wets the floor.It feels so good anyway.

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