My first time here 😊

Hello everyone ! This is my first time writing here and I’m a little excited.
I don’t speak fluent English so sorry if I have some mistakes.

So a little bit about myself.
I m 25 yo from tel aviv Israel and ever since I remember myself I was fascinated by pants pooping.

I remember one time around the age 6 one of my cousin poop his pant and everybody was Laughing or disgusted but for some reason I didn’t find it funny or embarrassing. I just wander how does it feel…

Ever since as I got older I had a ton of accident and ” accident ” end I got addicted 😛

I always felt like I m a frick and a pervert. And ofcourse I don’t tell anyone about it.
A short time ago I find about this site. And now I know that I m not alone.

Sine I discovered this site I really really fell like my life changed.
I don’t feel like a frick or a sick person end I know that I don’t harmed anyone when I have ” accident ” or when I enjoy doing it delivery.

Truly when I first find out about this site I cry for an hour. All my life I was convinced that I m sick person and that I m a pervert. And all of a sudden I find a community of more than 70,000 people who love the same thing. Kind of 😊😊

So I just wanted to say hello. U r a beautiful community end I m Grateful.
Later on I promised to share here some of my pants popping storys ( I have a lot believe me 😛😛😛 )
But for now just hello

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  1. Hi yoyoyo242424,

    I am glad you found this site. Its nice to know there are other people with the same interests.

    When I was in primary school a girl in my grade regularly pooed in her pants. It seemed like the only person that had no issue with it was me, but that was also because I did the same thing. I couldn’t understand why people made such a big issue out of it and she thought the same way as me. We spent quite a lot of time together and it always made me feel better knowing someone did the same thing as me. It must have been the same for her because she always asked me if I had done it or checked to see if it was in my underwear, then show me what she had done in hers.

    That went on until the day her family moved away. Suddenly it seemed like I was the only one at school who still pooped their pants and that made me feel very alone. I decided it was time to stop doing it, but that proved to be extremely difficult. Then came the day I did it at a friend’s house, until that day having a load in my underwear felt quite normal and didn’t bother me, even if it was there all day. I had done it multiple times before without thinking too much about it, but on that day it felt great. After that I started doing it very intentionally and although I didn’t admit to doing it on purpose, it didn’t bother me to much if people knew.

    I got quite a lot of negative attention, but I also realized it had some benefits, like the day a girl who lived in the same street came over to my house and asked if I wanted to go exploring with her. Once we were away from the houses, she asked me if I was the boy that still pooed in his pants. My first reaction was to deny it but when I finally admitted to it, she made it very clear she was impressed. Around the same time, I also discovered a teacher liked what I did when she told me she like the way I sat in class and told me to start sitting in the front row. She also told me she liked boys who pooed in their underwear and often asked me for the ones I was wearing at the end of the day.

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing.. I feel like I’m just like you. I had the same feelings earlier in my life and then I found I was not alone. It was so liberating when finding this site. I wish I could meet you or you lived closer

  3. Most of us felt as you did. As I always have said if it’s safe, sane and consentual two adults can do anything they want
    It’s interesting because the first time I meet up with a guy, straight or gay, they tend to be nervous but after the play is the time to find out how they truly feel. Some guys are great. We talk about our fetish and I feel like I’ve met a new friend. On the other side once he comes he goes into shame mode. Slightly abusing and can’t wait to leave. It’s sad they can’t integrate this fetish for what it is and until the next time.
    I like you thought I was alone and straight guys didn’t do this. Wrong. I do have a feeling that it’s more of a male thing. A straight guy might want to see his well dressed boss end up in a situation where there’s no bathroom and he’s touching cotton. If we hold out to long our body cramps up and we lose control. For some reason straight guys what thisvto happen to them or they want to see the Alpha guy suffer. I’ve been on both sides and can get off either way

  4. Welcome… Most of us are just as deranged as you are… which is probably not much. You’re hurting nobody, and enjoying yourself. Nothing at all wrong with that.

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