My first Time

I have pooped my pants quite a few times in the past but always in the privacy of my own home and had fantasised about doing it outdoors in public so I decided that there was no time like the present.
I got a stool softener rather than a laxative as I didn’t want to squirt out pure liquid, rather soft poop. I was wearing tight underpants that are a size smaller than I usually buy and came down my legs about 6 inches so that they were a very snug fit and denim jeans.
I took the stool softener at 10am on Sunday morning as I estimated it would take about three hours to work. At 12.30, after putting plastic sheeting and an old towel on the car seat I set off for a very large shopping mall that is only two miles from where I live and I could feel that my poo, that I had held for two days was on the move.
I found a parking space in the very busy car park and just sat there enjoying the feeling of my poo getting a bit desperate by now and I was have to clench my arsehole closed to prevent it coming out. Lots of people were milling about, parking cars and coming back with shopping so by now I was not just desperate to poop but also very nervous and excited.
I had reversed my car into the parking space and the car next to me was driven in so that the rear of that car was on a level with the front of my car. A woman carrying bags came and open the boot of the car next to me just as I lifted up slightly and relaxed my hole. A small amount of semi soft poo slid out into my pants and with just a very gentle push a lot more warm soft poop started to slide out. It felt so warm and soft and I could feel my underpants bulging below me so I sat down and moved my bum back a bit and felt the poop move between my legs to start to cover my balls and cock as well as push up between my arse cheeks.
The feeling was fantastic and what made it so much better than pooping at home was that the woman was just finishing putting her bags in the boot of her car and actually smiled at me as I was pooping my pants. If only she knew.
I continued to poo until there was nothing left to come out and just sat there enjoying the incredible feeling of my poop all over in inside my arse, balls and cock before releasing my bladder and pissing out a good amount to soften my poo even further.
I sat there for about 15 minutes hoping someone would come and take the place of the car the woman had left in but no-one did so I set off for home. As I drove I moved around on the seat spreading them poo and feeling it move around on me. As I parked the car on my drive I could feel a fart needing to exit so I pushed and out it came with a lovely burbling sound as it bubbled out into the poo in my pants.
Luckily I got through the front door without being seen as the back of my jeans were well stained and I could feel it running down my legs. I got to the bathroom, stripped and enjoyed cleaning myself and my jeans and underpants. I scooped up the thickest of my poop and put it down the toilet, wiped as well as I could then got in the shower to wash myself and my dirty clothes.
I used liberal amounts of stain remover on my pants and jeans before putting them on a hot wash in the washing machine. They have turned out clean and I will definitely be using them again soon.

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  1. A very well planned out first poop in the car in public.You will find that you can get more adventurous if you plan well and are brave enough to go ahead and do it when you get the chances.Most people never see what is happening right next to them so you really can get away with a lot if you take the chance.When you are daydreaming you can plan the next time you are going to poop your pants and make plans for a wonderful experience.Well done.

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