My First Time

This is how I got into panty pooping and it was in university.

I shared a room with a girl called Chloe, she had brown hair that was shoulder length, blue eves, large curvy breasts and a large ass. I am a lesbian but I didn’t know about Chloe. We got on well and always had fun together. I did have ideas that she had scat fetishes though. In the laundry I sometimes found poop stained panties that also smelled of piss but I never said anything, Chloe was perfect and I knew I had to have her.
A few months later she was on the sofa scrolling through her phone when she fell asleep, I picked it up and was amazed to see lesbian porn. I was delighted but didn’t know if she would want me, so I devised a plan.
When she was out, I stripped naked and started fingering my self on the couch knowing she would be back soon. When she came in I acted shocked and jumped back but my plan had worked because as I scrambled for clothes I saw her crotch growing damp.
A few days later I suggested truth or dare, she agreed and we began. She picked truth and I asked her if she was a lesbian and if she liked me. She said yes. I was overjoyed and admitted that I loved her too. She wanted to keep playing and I picked dare. She dared me to be her slave for a week and I instantly agreed. She then ordered me to strip and stand by the wall and she got s good look at me.
” Well slave” she said, “nothing that happens now can be told to ANYONE, understand?”
I nodded yes so she blindfolded me and let me to her bed where she lay me down. She then proceeded to put on a pair of striped panties that I owned, tight white jeans and that was it. She then fetched me a pint of water.
“Drink it all” she commanded
I did and she kept refilling so I had a total of 10 glasses.
She then asked me when I had last used the toilet and that was 2 days ago as I often had mild constipation, she smirked and fetched a rope that she proceed to bind my arms behind my back with and then tie them to the bunk bed frame. She then tied my legs together and tied them to the frame Sinai was suspended in mid air. After about 20 minutes I felt the need to use the toilet, very badly, both number 1 and 2.
Chloe smoked and started stroking my breasts and rubbing my clit over my trousers. I told her to stop because I was going to pee buy she ignored me. I couldn’t help it and unleashed a torrent of pee, it flooded my jeans and panties and went everywhere. Chloe smirked and let me down. She looked at me and tutted.
“Get changed” she commanded and tossed me some heels, fishnets and a tank top.
“Keep those panties on you dirty slut” she said.
I got dressed and we sat down to watch TV. I begged her to let me use the bathroom to do a poop but she refused. I kept farting and begging but she ignored me. I let out a wet fart and felt some poop starting to slide out. I got up to go to the toilet but she got up, spun me around and slapped my tits, telling me no.
The shock of the slap took my focus off my bowels and warm shit started flooding out, an kept coming. By the time I stopped it I had a huge bulge in my panties that was obvious and the smell covered the room. I felt disgusted but also slightly horny. Chloe laughed, that was when she ordered me to lie on the ground. I obeyed and she pulled off her brown jogging bottoms, I hadn’t realised but she had pooped herself and her panties were overflowing with poop that was running down her thighs, she rolled me over and fingered my ass ignoring my pleas not too and a mountain of poop can out. When I was done my panties had split and poop had gone everywhere. I then squirted and moaned with pleasure as the load hit the poop that had seepe up my pussy. Chloe admitted to spunky my water with laxative and rubbed my shit on my breasts before squatting down and unleashing a yellow stream into my accepting mouth…

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  1. Jenny you are a lucky woman, bless you and chloe, story is great and hope to see more of your writing. diapers seem to be good. I wanna hear of you going in your diaper with chloe in public while you guys are out shopping and make it messy !! love ya and keep up the great work !!

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