My first time

I think my curiosity towards scat began around the age of 19 but i guess it was just the times i accidentally stumbled across something online – i never went out of my way to actually search it or participate in any scat activities. When i was 20,i was living with my twin sister and her friend. Me and her friend had an instant attraction and the first night we met we ended up fucking. We had a sexual relationship but we were never official, we used to fuck nearly every night but during the day we were just normal.
I have always had some very strong sexual desires but unfortunately I have never actually lived them out with other people. For example, i am straight and i only find women attractive and so forth but i am bi curious and have desired gay sex for a very long time. This is something i have never discussed with anyone i know, just people online.
When i have been on my own i have always experimented, tying my cock and balls up. Using numerous sex toys. I always fuck myself with a dildo whenever i have enough time alone. I often go online and wank or fuck myself with a dildo for other people and i get extremely turned on by doing this.

After a year a few years of living with this girl we eventually became official but our sex life slowly but surely came to a halt, we were just never in the mood. I would have secretly wanked in the day and i am sure she was doing the same or seeing other people. Anyway, we moved in to her parents house so we could save for our own place. I got on great with her parents, her Mum was just like her, good looking, flirty just older and her Dad was a good laugh but always working, he used to work away from home 4 nights a week.

We had been living with her parents for a few months when they moved house ( we moved with them) during packing the boxes i noticed that the case of a rampant rabbit in one of her Mums boxes. When we got to the new house, unpacked and settled in I waited for a day when everyone was out the house and went hunting for a new toy to use. I found it…..and along with an absolute treasure trove of other toys. I found a lot of lingerie, latex corsets and dirty knickers in her Mums bedside drawers first of all and then in the wardrobe i found a huge bin liner full of; strap ons, dildos, rubber fists, cock rings, penis and pussy pumps. I honestly stumbled upon a perverts paradise. I will admit that the first time i found all the stuff i sat in the bathroom sniffing her mums dirty knickers and wanking. I was so turned on that i came almost instantly. After this i started becoming turned on by her mum, it’s not something i would have ever tried to advance on but i started looking at her in a very different way. She was a stay at home lady of leisure and I had began doing a lot of work from home (I am a Graphic designer). Some mornings when i was working from home and she was in the kitchen, i would get my cock to the beautiful semi-hard state pull on my joggers so the shape of my cock was so defined and go downstairs into the kitchen. I knew she looked and that was enough for me. I continued to sniff her panties and wank for months.

I remember one day i was home alone, i went down into her bathroom and took the top pair of panties in her wash basket and opening them up to reveal the gusset. Nice and dirty from her pussy but also, the first time i had seen this, a massive skid mark. I took them to my room shut the door and pulled them up to my mouth taking a huge sniff of her shitty pants, i literally stroked my cock and blew my load all over the place.

After this i would always hunt through her wash basket until i found the dirtiest pant hoping that they would be shitty again. it was very rare for me to find a really filthy pair but i kept trying. Then one day i found a pair that were very bad, they were shitty and the vaginal mess left in them was enormous, I started thinking that when ever i found a shitty pair the vaginal mess was always a lot more than normal. It wasn’t something i dwelled on but something that just crept into my mind. So there i was tugging away breathing in the aroma of my girlfriends mums shitty pants but it was no longer as effective as it once was. So i went back down into her room opened up the wardrobe and took the bin liner of toys that i had not touched since i discovered and took them to my room. I opened it up and there on the top was a big solid steel butt plug, filthy with dry shit. I took it out sniffed it running it right under my nose and there was the money shot, instant ejaculation.

I took the butt plug and cleaned it, placing it back in the bag and then the wardrobe. I panicked all night, thinking about whether or not she would notice it being cleaned. My girlfriend was away on a training course with work and it was just me and her in the house. She always went to bed early, 6-7PM and so i would just go to bed aswell, watch TV in bed. The next day, she went out to do a big shop so i knew she’d be gone a while. I went down straight to the wash basket and there was a pair of pants across her bathroom floor that were beyond filthy, They were so dirty the room smelt like shit. I then went to her wardrobe and there was the butt plug on top, again covered with dried poop. I now started wondering if my mother-in-law to be had a poop fetish or just had an accident when using her plug.

A few weeks passed and my girlfriend was away again, i went down one morning and no one was in. So i went up to the wardrobe and got out all the toys. I took them all up to my bathroom and laid them all out. There was over 30 different toys.

I went online, and entered a gay chat room and began talking to this guy and things quickly got filthy. He told me how he wanted me to lick his ass hole after he took a shit and so on. We exchanged skype details and we began chatting on there, he instantly dominated the conversation and made me do what he asked. He told me to go find some panties. So i went and got a pair of my girlfriends mums and wore them for him. He then told me to show him the sex toys i had told him about. He picked out 3, a dildo with a suction cup, a double ended dildo and a cock ring. He told me to put the cock ring on, around my cock and balls, it was a very small ring so it made my penis bulge so much when ever i got hard, i was having to calm myself down to remain floppy. He then told me to put the web cam behind me, go on all fours and bounce up and down on it. So i did, i was moaning like a slut, i love dildos in my ass and the feeling drives me crazy. He then told me to get off and suck it, so i did. It was clean. He then told me to squat down onto the dildo and ride it. He asked me if i needed to piss and asked me to piss on myself, so i did. Rubbing it all over my body and gettign some in my mouth whilst squatting down on this dildo. He was being very dominating and it was turning me on even more, he was a large guy and mid 50’s all of these were turning me on. He then told me to ride up and down on the dildo nice and deep shouting “fuck me daddy” So i followed his orders. He then told me to get off the dildo. This time there was a small smear off poop up the side of the dildo he told me to suck it clean again. Without any hesitation (and this was the first time i had done anything like this) i knelt down and sucked it clean. The first time you taste poop is an interesting moment, and even if you only do it the once you will never forget that earthy, bitter taste. He called me a good boy and made me ride it again, this time i could feel that shit had started moving its way into my lower bowel and i knew that when i got off it would be very messy, i wasn’t wrong and once again i was made to clean it. So i got down and sucked it clean, eating every last bit.
I was then told to get on my back spread my legs and use the double ended dildo. I slid it in but it wasn’t going in much further than 4 inches due to the build up of poop. When i pulled it out it was covered, I was asked to wright “Daddy’s boy” on my stomach using my poop. So i did. All the while i just remembering being in the highest state of arousal i had ever been in. Daddy then asked me to push out my shit, so i did. It was a big hard shit. He made me pick it up and suck it like a dick whilst riding on the suction cup dildo (in a squatting position again) I followed his orders to the T. I Watched on the screen as he took out his cock and wanked himself breifly and emptied his entire load all over his desk. When i he came i pressed down onto the dildo and grinded it back and forth sucking my big poop and i came everywhere without touching my cock once. I stood up shaking. dropping my shit on the floor and let my daddy watch me shower clean. Halfway through my shower i heard someone coming up the stairs. I panicked and ran out the shower across my bedroom and held the door handle. There was a knock and my mother-in-law to be called my name. I called back and said “Sorry i am just out the shower” – all her sex toys sprawled out across my bed and more in the bathroom covered in shit with a big shit on the floor. She then replied “Have you been in my room?” My stomach dropped, “No, I dont think so…” I replied, thinking why the hell did i just say I don’t think so. “I think we need to have a chat.” I could have died on the spot. I didnt know what to say, “I know you have taken something out my wardrobe, let me in now” I stood there frozen holding the handle and slowly i opened the door. I was completely naked and soaking wet. I covered my penis with my hand and stepped out the way. She walked into the room and froze, staring at all her dildos lined up like a product shoot. She turned to me and all she said was “You are in so much trouble.” All i could think was her telling my girlfriend and then her telling everyone we know. My life was over. She walked over and stepped into the bathroom. She was in there for what felt like an eternity before emerging holding her panties. She walked past me and said “Clean this up and put it back in my wardrobe right now” leaving the room.

i cleaned everything and dried it all, placing it back in the bag. I went to her room, it was empty. I opened the wardrobe to place the bag back where it came from and there in its place were the same knickers she had just taken but this time they were covered in her warm shit. I grabbed them, getting shit all over my hands and ran back to my room i began eating the contents of her knickers. I turned around and there was my mother-in-law dressed head to toe in PVC, fishnets, suspenders, and high heels wearing a leather mask. She ordered me to lay on the carpet floor of the bedroom where she shit all over me. She stood up, looked down and said “that is your punishment, clean that out the carpet before your girl gets home else she will start asking questions as to why there is a shit stain on your carpet and i will have to tell her what i found” She walked out the room as i laid there covered in soft warm shit, was i in heaven?

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  1. You died and went to heaven buddy !!! In the future you’re going to have a lot of fun. But don’t complain when your balls start hurting, lol have fun with it !!!

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