my first time

Everyone’s been dying to know about my very 1st diaper poopy – So, here you go boys & girls, the story of my 1st wetting/messing! I remember it so well; I tried for 2 days to poop in my diaper & I guess I was a “wee bit” nervous because I just couldn’t do it. On the 3rd day, I had a tummy-ache from holding it in so long, so I put my diaper on, stepped in front of my full mirror, because of course I wanted to see “it.” I wanted to see it all. I turned around, bent over just a little bit, & started a long pee. After that I started rubbing the front of my diaper & got extremely turned on. I started pushing & it took no time – it all came out! I started rubbing my bottom in curiosity & it was so warm, so lumpy, so heavy, so gooey, & SO hot! My diaper was incredibly heavy now – I had filled the entire thing up. You could see the poop in between my legs. There was so, so, so, much. I then continued to rub my bottom & stuck my hand down the front of my diaper, I rubbed away, front & back, it didn’t take but a few seconds & WOW! I almost instantly orgasmed! Oh my gosh what a day! A day I will never forget. I remember EXACTLY how it felt, & from then on, I knew I was hooked.  J

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  1. I haven’t try a diaper yet it I think I need to soon sound like fun. And who. Can’t use an amazing orgasm

  2. I wish I could be there when you’re filming! You are beautiful, and so hot. What i’d love to see is you filling sheer panties or pantyhose and then sitting down in it and squishing it around while you masturbate. To watch you have an orgasm playing this way would make me come all over myself! Please make more films, the messier the better. I also love the sound — it would be even more exciting if you said how it smelled…..

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