My first Tenas.

I promised this, so.. Here we go! 🙂

I read almost every story posted on this site, and I follow a number of tumblr blogs that either post about this fetish, or have videos of it. Diapers though, haven’t ever really interested me, video wise. They don’t show the colour, or the actual load as much as I want to see, though the sound is normally phenomenal, I must say!

Anyway, on a whim while I was out of town, I stopped at a market, since no one would be able to recognise me from where I live; At this market, they didn’t have much of a variety of adult diapers, but I had heard good things about Tenas, and sure enough, they had a small. It wasn’t too pricey, considering, so I purchased them. There was definitely an adrenaline rush to rival a rollercoaster ride, or something similar to that, as I put them on the counter to be checked. I’d been constipated for two days due to some stress and poor eating choices, so when I got back to my flat, I promptly stripped myself of my clothes and undergarments, and went to my medicine cabinet to grab the bottle of rectally inserted suppositories I keep stocked.

I grabbed a towel to place on my bed, in case the diaper leaked as I was close to bursting for a wee as well, and took the package to my room. My fingers were trembling as I opened the nappy and laid myself down on top of the towel I had placed; The suppository went in with ease, and I was half-tempted to play with myself, but that could come after I had the nappy on, and had used it. The suppository worked within an hour, so I had some time to kill. I had changed many nappies before, but it was still a bit difficult, since this was on myself; I got it on though, and it fit quite well, considering I haven’t ever tried the brand before.

I put on a film; J’ai tue mere (With some accents on it that I couldn’t place), if anyone cared, and within half an hour, my stomach was rumbling. I had let out some rather wet farts during the previous ten minutes, but the next one was truly heinous. My bowels moved, and I paused the movie before giving the front of the diaper a good rub. I began pissing, the sound loud as the diaper crinkled and soaked up my urine. I could feel my arsehole opening, and a good solid piece came out, before very soft shit followed, completely filling up the back. I hardly had to touch myself before I was cumming in the thing, and yes, some piss came out onto the towel. The cleanup wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, but I definitely went through more than a few wetwipes!

Hope you enjoyed. 🙂

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  1. I love the story Ali, it is definitely a turn on, I haven’t had the nerve to buy nappies, I do my business in my underwear

  2. I understand the adrenalin rush. I’ve had a hard time accepting myself even as a sexual person, much less a person with fetishes. Since I was about 13, panties and menstrual pads (not tampons), have turned me on, but for decades I had to either “borrow” them from my wife, or buy them with great fear and trepidation, making up stories if necessary for the clerks. I would get hard just walking through the “feminine paper” aisle of a grocery store or pharmacy.

    After several decades and multiple sessions with psychologists, I have finally managed to overcome much of my shame and embarrassment and can buy pads, and now Always pull-ups, which I wear almost daily and sometimes several times a day with comfort.

    The store clerks can think what they want, but I suspect that they don’t think at all about what I’m buying beyond making sure that the products get scanned properly and that that they’re doing their job well.

    Buying panties is another question. Sometimes I can buy them with aplomb, other times with nervousness, sometimes not at all. Only one time has a clerk been up-front with me about panties: I was returning a pair that didn’t fit. “Have you worn these?” she asked. I told her I had tried them on over clean underwear. “That’s good,” she said. “You wouldn’t believe what some people try to return!”

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