My first scary bed soaking

I was just remembering my first bedwetting [fade to deep sleep…]
I had just been jolted awake by the scariest dream in my life in the early morning after a long deep sound sleep! I was half awake, scared to death laying face down in bed in only my plaid flannel pj bottoms, bare chested above. A few seconds later, i realized how really BAD i had to pee (I usually make it to the toilet in the morning). I was just too scared to even move. I was so scared and about a minute later the pee just started flowing. The first sensation was a warmth in my crotch building as i flooded the pj bottoms. I could even hear the stream. Soon i could feel the warmth spreading under my stomach and chest as my pee just kept coming out. A few seconds later i got my first wiff of morning piss aroma as the wet spot grew under my face. I was still pissing. By now i was pissing in a puddle of piss beneath my bj bottoms as I layed there. A few moments later i could hear it splashing the wooden floor by my bed. The pee finally stopped, i was no longer scared, laying in my soaked bed, yellow piss aroma all around me.

After i caught my composure, I got out of bed to change, only to land my bare feet in the puddle on the floor i just made.

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  1. I call that recreational bedwetting. It’s a lot of fun. I always use a mattress cover – these days a vinyl fitted sheet. It makes life a lot easier.

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