my first poop in a nappy

My first poop in a nappy by Kane




as u all know i like to poop my pants, i was shopping in tesco last night and saw a promo on depends products i never usesd a diaper since i was a little boy so this would be a new experence for me.


So i picked up a pack of slips with tapes on the side 2 fancen them with took them to the cheeck out and paid for them and headed home.


once i got home i took one out of the packet put one on it felt great better then real underwhere then i felt the urge to poop so I did i pushed a hard load into the seat of my diaper it felt great. I left it on a while and sat and mashed the nice poop in my diaper i then thought how many loads this would carry and went upstairs and took 2 laxtive tablets.


About half hour or so my bowels were ready to explode i sat on my bed and started pushing out a very runny poop is poop went on fo 15 mins and the load was getting heavy. The mushy feeling was making my dick hard and started pulling my self off i then came into my diaper. I will be doing this again and very soon and will be putting pics up 2 see





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  1. i didn’t know you could buy depends in tesco so far outta all the nappies i’ve tried they’re the best
    next time sleep with them on full n when u wake up in the morning fill them up again thats just a gr8 feeling 🙂

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