my first pee experience

It was at the time when I just started experimenting with my sexuality. I was about 14 years old. Sometimes, most of the Sunday evening, I went to the bath. I got hot water with extra foam and in the meantime undressed in my room. I kept on a slip and put on a bathrobe. I was careful, because although I was already big, sometimes my mother came to my room unexpectedly. But I did not want to be surprised if I was lying on my bed in a panty and playing with me.
Because I liked to bring myself so long the water ran into the bathtub to the organism, and ejaculated in my panties. I loved the feeling when I came and it got wet. Then I went with the panties in the bath, of course, without a bathrobe. I stood on wet panties, that much was clear.

One fine day I saw a little girl in the playground. She was crying and obviously she had to. But before her mum could react, it was too late and she peed in her pants. As I watched, I got an erection. It started when someone got wet. So much so that I even promised chocolate to another girl with her brother if they peed in their pants. They squatted side by side and peed. Although we knew each other, I thought how easy it is. I persuaded her a few times. Sometimes he did it and sometimes she, and I always watched it. I only had to pay with chocolate.

It aroused me every time, but somehow something was missing and it was getting boring. In addition, I was afraid that it comes out and I got in trouble. One day it happened to a pretty girl from the minor class. I could barely sleep the night so busy.
Once again when I was sitting in the playground and saw the two playing, I thought about trying it myself. At the thought I got palpitations and was excited. Why had I never thought of it before? I went for a walk in the nearby park. I know it until today. I wore my favorite pants then. It was a short blue cloth pants. I walked around the park for a long time looking for a chance. I was excited and wondered if I should do it. Maybe I’d rather go home!

The thoughts went back and forth. Meanwhile, I urgently needed. I disappeared on a small path into a shrubbery. I squatted down and saw people walking by. That I could be seen was exciting and excited in addition. I spread my legs, my heart was up to my neck. I did not dare, but I had to pee. I slowly ran a bit and the first droplets came through the pants. I could not hold it anymore and gave in to the pressure and began to pee. Like an open tap, it rained through my pants. She got really wet and warm. It felt really cool. I ran my hand between my legs while peeing. Below me a big fitze formed.

When I finished, I realized that I had to go home. The pants were obviously wet in the crotch. Hmm, well I waited until dawn which fortunately soon set in and then went home. At home I just had to sneak past my mother. I washed pants, panties and hid them to dry behind my heater in the room. Nobody got along and worked so well that it was my secret. Since that day I love to get wet in this way.

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