My first pee enema

For a long time I had fantasized about receiving a directly injected piss enema, but with condoms it just wasn’t possible. However, now that I’ve been tested and found disease-free and a friend of mine similarly with equally good results, we decided to try it. I visited Jim at his home and after some initial playing around and plenty to drink, he told me he needed a piss urgently. I suggested that we try him giving me a piss enema. We had to get him hard so he could penetrate my puckered paradise, and then he had to get soft once ‘in residence’ so that he could piss. It wasn’t difficult giving him a hard-on; exposing my man cunt between the inviting globes of my buttocks and some sexy talk soon had him ready. After applying a little lube to his now upstanding member, he moved into the docking position and I felt the cool slipperiness of the lube as his helmet came into contact with my anus. A little gentle thrusting followed by a little more pressure from him and I felt my sphincter open wide to the rampant intruder. He fucked me for a few minutes then stopped with his cock buried to the hilt deep in my arse. A couple of minutes of waiting followed as he let his cock go limp and then he started to piss. I was very surprised to find that I couldn’t feel the piss hitting my insides as it jetted from his penis, but I knew he was filling me up because I could feel the familiar pressure building up as my rectum was stretched by the continuous inflow of urine. He certainly had plenty in his bladder before he started emptying himself into me and when he had finished he was so aroused by our situation that he was hard again almost immediately. He then began fucking me again and it felt so good in combination with the ‘need to go’ feeling resulting from the fullness of my rectum. The piss also helped to lubricate his pistoning action which was definitely smoother than during our previous fucks. I told him I wanted him to pump his spunk into me too, and to speed up the delivery of his semen, he withdrew his cock, vigorously wanked it with his right hand and then, as he felt his orgasm building, once again he entered me, this time with more urgency and in a single thrust he slid home as he buried his shaft to the hilt in my arse, his balls pumping their contents into my already full rectum. He remained inside me for another minute or so before again going limp and slipping out. A final pleasant surprise for me was the almost complete lack of leakage from my arse. After my sphincter had been stretched open for some time, I didn’t expect its closing as Jim withdrew to be quite so effective against the inner pressure of the combined piss and spunk. It was almost with regret that I subsequently visited the toilet and expelled Jim’s gifts. We had both enjoyed the experience and it’s definitely one that I’d like to repeat.

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