my first orgasem and poopinh my pants

I was with my mother when I was 3 we went to visit a neighbor and I know there was a girl that lived there I sorta liked her I remember having to pee so I asked to use the bathroom and the lady showed me where it was when I went into the bathroom I remember looking at the toilet and there on the seat was poop. I was dumbfounded about it and thought what would have happened if I had to poop and did not see it and had sat in it? Then in my little mind, I thought it must have been the girl that lived there that had put it there? Well after that happened I kept thinking about it and it just kept running through my mind and my love for girls and the poop started to merge in my mind. I kept fantasizing what would it feel like to sit in poop and what would it feel like if I ever pooped my pants so one day I was 14 I made up my mind i was going to do it so I put toilet paper in my panties and pulled up my pants and well the anticipation was wonderful I remember standing there in the bathroom and letting my poop slowly go in my pants and as it slid out into my panties I got this wonderful feeling like I was going to pee or something it was out of this world I was in a state of arousal and as I ran over to the toilet I exploded in my pants with a strong orgasm! It was at that point I knew poop was special and was my lover it was so deep in me I was in love with my shit and I have never looked back and now I crave a women’s brown gifts and crave her ass I was always sticking things up my ass like drumsticks and cigar tubes we share so many wonderful things together!

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  1. I was twelve when this same thing happened to me except I didn’t place tissues in my underpants. The full long log went directly into my pants making massive stains in them. Then I sat in it and masturbated.

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