My first HS/GF with forced pee and cream

It was a very nice fall day in late October 1979, my GF (I shall call her Pegi), was a sweet lookin lass at 16, she was dressed in a cream colored cotton/synthetic ruffled front and sleve blouse, that was tucked into a pair of dark brown slacks a tan belt, and brown knee length side ziiper boots( know that from later in the story). She was about 5′-6″ tall, thin about 98 lbs, brown hair not too light or dark, medium colored(?), brown eyes like went through you like lightning though clouds, and her smile was to melt cast iron!  Me I was 5′-7" , thin and about 120lbs, blue eyes, brown hair, (not the love handled person I am today).


I met Pegi in Marine JROTC when she moved to the school district and also became a ROTC member. With one look at each other on that first day, it was like I had been shot (you know the feeling, when you meet that first person and know its going to be to you and them together), my heart ached to meet her, and then she sat next to me in class, well you get the idea of love/lust at first sight, (I was 16, so what do you expect-lol!), Incidently she was wearing just school clothes, jeans (dark blue), button down shirt/blouse (white), navy blue tennis shoes and white cable knit socks. I was wearing my ROTC uniform, all OD green with kacki long sleve shirt and tie, with black socks, black oxford type shoes, my blouse (for those who don’t know, a blouse is the uniform dress jacket/coat that is worn over your shirt.), was drapped over the back of my desk chair.


Back to the story; it was an afternoon and Pegi and I were finished with lunch and had the next class period off together. We went to a secluded area of the school grounds to talk and if you will make small time (so I thought, it turned out to be much more than that). The area we ended up at was only 100yds from the main building, but it had big cottonwood trees and a small drainage ditch with high weeds and brush around, so sitting or lying down in it, you were pretty well concealed from any passers-by. Pegi and I were going together now for only about a two months, sure we had kissed and hugged and in front of our friends even, (that was fun-lol), But what was coming up was beyond anything that I ever imagined would happen, as we were talking and pitching small twigs and stones into the water of the ditch, she stopped and scooted closer to me, I didn’t think much of it at the moment, (but that would change quickly), she reached around me and planted a sensious kiss on me, and at the same time, dropped her right hand over my chest, abdomin and then to the front of my tan cordory pants, and then down and over my right thiegh. Well as you can guess, I embraced her tightly and returned the kiss, and ran my left hand down her back and then her hips and down the outside of right her thiegh. I knew she had panties on, becuase I could see the “VPL” in her slacks (consiquently VPL was normal back then for women and girls to have, for type of panties worn (Please, please come back)), as we walked to the area we were at, my cords were tight but not thin like her slacks were.


I sat and leaned into her, and she collasped back drawing me into her, lying on her back and I across the top half of her. After a few more moments we separated to catch our breath and again sat up together. She reached down and pulled her slacks up to unzip her boot and scratch her lower leg. I noticed she was wearing tan PH and dark brown cable knit knee high socks over the PH as she unziped her boot, I asked her “why the socks if she was wearing PH”, she stated “to protect the PH and help with preventing chaffing”, (like I knew what that was), she re-zipped her boot and then reached over and lifted my pant leg and asked “why I was wearing black socks with my tennis shoes, when most other guys my age and in school were wearing white”? I could only reply, “its what I had, mostly navy and black socks, with just a couple of white for gym class”, which I didn’t have that day. In addition “my father was in the military at the time, and black and navy socks were easy and cheaper to come by than white, and he wanted me to know that the military requires black or navy socks to be worn whether in dress uniform or fatigues or battle dress, and if I was going to be in ROTC I’d better get use to wearing them, so I wore them”. She smiled and said that “she liked the black colored socks with my tan cords and tennis shoes, it made me look more mature, in addition to not being one of the crowd”, (at the time, one in ten to fifteen boys/guys maybe, wore black or navy colored socks as regular foot wear, unless you were in ROTC.).


She leaned into me agian, and I her, she then felt the front of my cords with her right hand and started to squeeze them and my crotch. Then she stopped and ran her hand up to where my belt was, she then place her fingers and hand under my belt and pushed hard and deeply into my lower abdomin, my legs closed quickly, and drew up at the knees, I closed my eyes and tilted my head backward and frowed at the pain, as I had not peed for some time, I thought I might right then, but she let out and said “your turn”, after a moment I said “my turn” and she replied-“yes your turn- do the same as I do to you” I said “o.k.” and did as she requested. after a couple of times at this, I felt pee escape and enter my briefs, nothing was showing on my cords, but I knew my underwear was wet, or at the very at least, damp. She did it agian, not as a one on one, as before, but a second and third time, of squeezing and pushing on my pants and stomach. I didn’t know how much more I could take this, nor did she, as she did I did at here request, and I was getting a very strange and exciting feeling that was building up in me every time she rubed and squeezed and pushed on my cords. Well the next time she did her proceedure/task, she and I saw the wettness spot appear in my cords and begin to spread, she felt the wettness and asked if “she could see my underwear”, I said “sure”, she undid my belt, and pants then slowly pulled the zipper down, to reveal my red (now dark red FTL briefs), she placed her hand over my briefs and felt the wettness as well as my tube, and lightly sqweezed agian, I was becoming hard as a rock now, and then she told me to make her wet. She pulled her hand out of my pants, and leaned back on her hands, spreading her legs and kness apart so that her crotch was very visable, I hesitated and she said “go ahead make me wet”, so I did as she had done to me, except I couldn’t sqweeze her as she had done me, but I did rub, push into her button and on her stomach. She tilted back and moaned slieghtly, I could see a very dark brown spot appear in her slacks and spread, it was low in them but none the less. I reached in and felt and pulled the wettness up toward her zipper, and she moaned again, and my hand became wet, as she peed into her pants and my hand at the feeling. I pulled back afterwards and just sat there, she aske if I wanted to see her panties, now that she was wet, I gave the obvious, and she she well “go for it”. I reached in and undid her belft and then unclased her slack and pulled the zipper down, I couldn’t see anything until I pulled her blouse up over the PH, and then I saw her, pink nylon briefs that had little blue dots on them, (she was wearing her panties over her PH), she said “pull my panties down some”, so I did, thats when I saw her PH and what was underneath, a pair of terry cloth training panties/pants in light blue. I was in heaven, I had mad it to 3rd base!


Well to make this already long story shorter, I pulled her slacks down over her boots, and she my cords past my knees, I got on top and in less than 30 sec. my briefs were filled with cream as was her pink panties., After the act, she pulled out a pad, and placed in on my briefs and anothe on her panties, we both zipped and closed up and proceeded to our next class, (very hard for me-I was exhuasted), but my pants were dry and my underwear would survive to another day, as did hers. Thats another story.


Hope you enjoyed this, it too is a true tale of my life.




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