My first expirence!!!

i like seeing a full inbox with people asking how i like the site and what pooping expeirences i had.i recived a messge that asked me how i got into pooping and wetting meself.i awnsered it of cource nd mentioned breifly in the blog section about my first time,however i been browseing through the stories section of the site and read other peoples first expirences,but it was much more than that, there were stories of self progress and achivements and events from back from when they started all the way up to present day.i then thought to myself to make a post on how i got to were i am today from the first time i started and what i been through.


back in 2008 when i ws 14, people at school talked about there favorite artist,video games,football games, and the most sentsitive subject, SEX! during that time i thought of that some of these poeple who fantazied about sex 24 7 and there claims of scoring with another person were absoulte attention whores.but guys not only talked bout,girls did too,espeiclly my friends. Jessica,bethany,aubrey and isabella.we all the time at lunch talk about it and wonder what it is day bethany at lunch shared a secert to us, that the night before she masterbuated! we were like WTF!!!!! but over the next days then my other friends gave into it and decided to do so as well.i then one night decided to give it a try to see what it was like so i dont get questioned by my friends for being a partypooper about one night when i was alone i got undressed leaving my panties and bra on and read an online step by step instructions on how to masterbaute.i walked into my bathroom and locked the door slowly i slid my fonger into my pussy and had tht feeling of what bizzare thing im the interenet told me to play around with my fingers inside myself,reaching deeper and deeper i began to feel funny in a good way.i felt extremly different,a feeling i wanted more of to satisfy myself,i then discover that notonly how deep it is to make me happy but also how fast your doing it at,my hand then speed up the more i realized this makes it better.i was enjoying what i was doing! i was starting to get louder to and moaned like crazy 

when i reached my climax when i leted out a loud scream,little did i realize that not only did i cumed,but i then realized there was someing squishy on my bum,i thought it was nothing until i realized there was a stench in the air.OMG i then realize i had just shitted my panties !at first i was incedibly frustrated by it since no one else who tried to finger themselfs had this problem happen to them.i was about to cry,this gross and mass in my panties just sitting there and filling the room with it scent,u was still kind of horny from my masterbuation though and i had to stop it to deal with my poo.i then realized how warm it was against my butt,it was a weird feeling but it seemed nice but i was to concerened with the fact that i had shited myself .so i cleaned myself up and moved on wanting not to acknowledge what happedned that night


at school i tolf my friends about what i did (except for shitting myself). but then through out the day i was thinking about the warm on my bottom form the night got to the point were during the school day i had to have this sensation


when school ended and me and my sister Valerie got home,i decide to go into the bathroomand undressed into my panties and again try ton finger myself again and try not to moan while doing so.while it was a challenge i managed to do so,and when i climaxed again. i thought to myself was i really going to shit myself again ? i put on hand on the counter and bent over and then a mound of shit dumped itself into my eyes were crossed almost about to go to the back of my head. the warm was so great i was excited,it made me more horny,i could not beleive myself.why this time did i get excited? i didnt understand.the gooy feeling…..i ……i was liking it.the bath tub was there as an advantage for me.i sat in the tub and the poo squished on my ass, i then was getting more excited and rocked back and forward in a single motion it was smearing across my got to the point were i pissed my panties,and then fingereed myself in the mess.aboout an hour later Valerie noticed i been gone for a bit and knocked on the door of the bathroom.i was zoned out and since the surprise knock shcoked me, i then had to clean up to advoid suspision.but from that day forward i knew what i want to enjoy


next time u will learn my expirences during  from messing up till my years when i was 15.


hope u guys enjoyed this first part.

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  1. Love how you were wanting to recreate. I think it takes a great deal of confidence to explore something as sensual as that.

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