My first drunk wetting

The first time I got drunk was when I was 15 & living in N.J. at McGuire AFB where my dad was stationed. In New York the drinking age is 18 & 3 of the guys were going up on a Saturday night & asked if I wanted to go with them. I agreed to go & they said just let them order the beer for us & not say anything while there. The glasses of beer they ordered were 24 oz in size so it didn’t take much to get drunk. I had 2 full glasses & 1/2 of a third glass & I was feeling no pain when we left. I sat in the back seat of the car going home & I guess I passed out as the next thing I remember is that we had been stopped by the NY State police & were told to exit the vehicle. When I moved to get out of the car I realized that I had pissed my pants & I was soaked. As I stood there & the trooper patted me down he felt that I was wet & asked me what happened there. I told him that I had been drinking beer & I guessed I couldn’t hold my piss. He asked me for my ID & saw that I was only 15 & placed me under arrest for underaged drinking. He put me in the back seat of his patrol car to take me to baby jail. Now I’ll mention here that once the seal breaks I will piss every 10-15 minutes. I felt the urge to have to piss while sitting there & I figured what the heck I was already wet so I christened the back seat of the patrol car. Well it was another 10 minutes or so before we got to Juvenile Hall & I had emptied my bladder again in my pants so I was dripping wet when the intake officer got me & he had me strip & put my wet clothes in a plastic bag. He made me shower & gave me a pair of briefs to put on & I asked if I could get a rubber sheet for my bed as I was a nightly wetter. He told me that there was a rubber sheet already on the bed as 99% of the drunk kids that came in always wet their beds. He took me to a 4 bed room that had 2 other kids in it & I could smell the piss in the air. As I laid down in my bed I had the urge to have to piss again & decided to just let it go as I didn’t feel like staggering to the latrine. I felt the piss flow out on to the bed under me & spread to my shoulders & down to my ankles. When I woke up in the morning there was piss all over the bed & had overflowed the rubber sheet on to the floor next to the bed. The other 2 guys in the room with me were also soaked. I had the honors of cleaning up the mess that I had made on the floor. I was told that my parents were notified where I was & that my father would have to be present at my hearing the next morning so I was going to be there another night. Of course I soaked the bed Sunday night too as did the other 2 guys. Went before the judge Monday morning & was chewed out by him on the evils of alcohol. He was lenient with me & released me to my father. Dad wasn’t as lenient, I was restricted to the base for one month.

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