My first diaper

I introduce myself, my name is Nathalie. I’m 20, I live with my parents, they often work when I devote myself to my pleasure.

My first time I wear a coat.

I was 15 at that time and I’m going to sleep with my best friend (her name is Mia), for me it was normal in general, except I did not know all of it. In the evening, we eat and we go watch TV for an advertising page, Mia said, “I come back I go to the bathroom,” I said, “okay no problem.”

After 5 minutes I saw back a little worried, I ask him what is, but she replies that all is well. We watch TV until 22:30 and heads into the bathroom to brush his teeth. I walked behind her and I ask myself questions about the size of her butt as they swelled ?? !! . I dare not ask for fear that it offends or she is hiding. Going to bed I hear the sound layer that rubs in pajamas, I turn to Mia and asked hesitantly “Mia?” she answers “yes, you want to ask me a question?” and then I start “is what you ……” she looks at me incredulously and said “you’re afraid that I want to ask that question to you about my ass that magically magnified “I look and I blushed and replied,” yes, but is it a coat you’re wearing? ” she replied a little embarrassed “because yes I still have accidents at night …..”. I got up and walked towards her to hug because I feel bad for her. She told me what to me from a crash and she feels ashamed, but I console and told him that I am still her best friend and I would not say anything that’s our little secret. I ask her if she door from time to time of day and she looks like a slut and replied “yes and I make both small poo lunch in hihih”. After this brief discussion, we are going to bed, Mia fell asleep quickly, but I could not stop imagining my best friend layer that tien in his room to do a pee or poop like a little girl . In the morning, Mia wakes up and touch the front of his coat to see if it peed on during the night, I wake gently and said, “Hello, you slept well?” she answers “yes and you?” I said “yes, have you wet the bed?” she blushes and waves me from head to say yes. We go into the kitchen to have breakfast, we are all both because his parents are part of the weekend. She prepares everything and it freezes a moment, she looks at me and says “I have to pee,” and then I hear the sound of pee escaping in his bed and Mia let out a sigh of relief. I feel ashamed and she looks at me with a smile like a little girl mischievous. We take our breakfast and we talk about its layers that starts trotting in my head, she looks at me and said with a little voice “you want to wear one for the day, like me?” I rub my arm and I said, “if it does not bother you so” and there she jumps for joy and said “it’s nice like that I would feel less alone :)”. I’m in her room to get ready, to get my washing and going to the bathroom, Mia arrives with a coat and told me “you put it after your shower and you put only a shirt and layer, the rest of your things you ranks for the day, “I smiled at him and go to the shower. Coming out of the shower, I dried myself and I begin to want to put my single layer, but I can not, so I called Mia to help me. She enters the room and help me to put on layer after that she pats me on the back and said “are you ready to spend your day in bed,” I said, “oh yes, but it’s fun to have thick between the legs. We are going to watch TV and Mia fidgeting on the couch like this she had to go to the toilet, I look at him and said “you need to pee?” she said “yes”, then it indulges in his bed last night. she looks at me and asks if I have to pee or poop, I replied “yes just to pee,” she said “lets go you in your bed is made up for it πŸ™‚ “then I do as she says and there I felt all funny, but very happy I could pee in a diaper. the morning passes, noon comes and we go into the kitchen to prepare the meal. We eat quietly, we discuss our morning after this delicious meal, we are going to her room to do our homework. After spending one hour on duty, I see Mia rub his belly as if to announce the birth of a turd. I approached her and asked if everything goes well, she looks at me with a desperate face and said, “I have to poop ….” I asked what prevents it, she said ” I want to poop alone, you have to leave my room while I do “, I asked him to try in my presence, she said” are you sure? “, I look in the eye and said “yes i want to be near you Mia.” So Mia gets up from his chair and squatted put himself on his bed, she prepares and said “you do not mind holding my hand while I push my shit,” I smiled at her and takes her hand, she took his breath and begins to push all her strength, she squeezes my hand hard, she takes a deep breath and said “it is hard but it comes,” I said, “Mia pushes hard, you can do it !!”, she blushed growls and pushing his poop in her diaper, I see his coat is soft and I see the bump disappear because the poo is breaking into film. She looks at me and says “I feel that I will not be finished right away,” she starts to push and grunt of pain to expel this mass gives it infects this pain. It grows and grows again, after 5 minutes of fighting the birth of her shit is over, Mia finally breath and said “thank you for staying to support me,” I smiled and said, “I did not want you suffers only Mia “she kneels on his bed and took me in his arms. We resume our duties until the evening before dinner. The dinner time approach and we go into the kitchen to make dinner, we eat and go into the living room to watch TV during the movie we did pee in our inconsiderate diapers. The movie ended we went washed our teeth, then we go to the bedroom Mia. Mia went to bed and fell asleep quickly, I felt my stomach told me to go for a shit now, I do not know what to do, I did not want to poop in my bed near Mia who was sleeping and The smell is not great. So I got up and crouched down on the bed to make my shit, but when my dung begin to come, Mia woke up and said “you’ll do little cacounou?”, A little shy, I said meets nodded, so she came close to me and held my hand. I started pushing this big turd in my bed and I felt the warmth of this turd who rubbed my buttocks, Mia told me “Nath grows, you can do it”, I caught my breath and I pushed very hard, a huge soft, warm mud invaded my bed and I feel liberated from this stinking thing. Mia took me in his arms and told me in the ear of those “I’m so happy to have you as a friend and I want that you share my passion for diapers,” I said “I want my best friend πŸ™‚ “and we ended up sleeping with dirty diapers all but we were happy. I promised him starting that I would always love to spend time with her diapers

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