My First Bedwetting

As a teen, I was really lazy. I woke up one morning, with the incredible urge to take a piss, but since I wasnt quite awake, and I didn’t feel like moving, I just thought, “why not, no one sleeps in this bed but me anyways.” So, there I was, in my white boxer briefs, laying on my stomach, as I began relaxing, At first there wasn’t much comming out, but then I suddenly heard this “hssssssss” And that’s when I knew the flood gates opened. I laid there, closed my eyes, and just relaxed as I felt the warm piss spreading across my sheets, down to my knees and up to my nipples. 

shortly after I was done, I lifted my body up slightly and dropped my self back into the puddle, which was getting absorbed my the mattress, making that wet fabric sound. I love that sound makes me sooo horny!
Then I rolled over, letting my back and the rest of my underwear get wet, as I notice how much of a hard on I had. Cummed like I’ve never cummed before. Half of my load when’t into my hair….
I laid there, soaked, just thinking back to what had just happened. Greatest experience I have ever had, and It was certainly not the last! 😉

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  1. wonderful story my first time was not unlike that…..i guess we are always trying to catch that same orgasm we had at that first knowing time……i still get hard as a rock when i pee the bed and come like a wild man

  2. good story; i wonder how many of us have had something like that happen to us.

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  4. i have peed the bed many times. i also have shot a hot load in my pants, its the best feeling in the world to let the cum squirt right in my pants ,and then piss my dick off hot

  5. I have woke in in the middle of the night peeing the bed . i drink a lot of water before i go to bed .my cock is already to pee .i go to sleep and piss my dick off. and then squirt my cum in my pants ,i have shot cum up on the wall of my bed i shoot so hard

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  7. Would love to have read about you holding it in and what you do to keep it from coming out and enjoying the feeling 🙂

  8. The first time I ever shot my cum load I was in a very piss soaked bed with my brother who was as wet as I was.

  9. delicious hmmm, I also told my first time and like you it was so strong that just after I see pissed avaut first ejaculated as ever, I had just discovered the enjoyment I had 11/12 years

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