My first afternoon in Nappies.

So after being into this since I was 11, it has taken me until I am 23 to finally invest in some adult nappies. A friend of a friend found me on here and since then we’ve been chatting and he convinced me to give nappies a try. I’ve always toyed with the idea but thought that it would detract from the naughtiness of going in my pants… lol how wrong was I.

So this afternoon I donned the nappy, I’m not 100% sure I got the pads the right way round though (as you will find out later,) but I put them on the way I thought they should go. They’re pretty big and so couldn’t wear my jeans and had to opt for the joggers. My plan was to wear them for the afternoon, which I was going to spend up on campus writing away.

Anyway, I left the house and walked up to campus, there was definitely something extra naughty about wearing them as I was super hard the whole way up to uni, knowing that I was a 23 years old wearing nappies and the rest of the world has no idea!

I got to uni and spent about 35 mins pottering about trying to find somewhere decent to study and finally opted for the music building. I started writing and doing some bits and pieces and it was here that the first few sports dampened the nappy. It felt sooo good as I didn’t have to worry about it showing and so every now and then let another spirt out.

I seem to be dehydrated all the time so had been drinking a ridic amount of water through the day and so was really bursting but for some reason couldn’t let it go in my nappy without giving it a push. Anyway, the music building was getting noisy so I opted for the 4th floor of the library, silent study area, surrounded by students. It was here while I was typing away that I started to be able to let the pee flow and I could feel the confronting warmth of the pee being absorbed by the nappy. I had to do some occasional walking around as I really got off on the though of wearing nappies at uni and wanted to make the most of it. Plus, it was easier for me to relax and pee standing up than sitting down for some reason anyway.

By the time I left the library an hour or two later the front of the nappy was pretty swollen and was dangling quite a bit. I think if people were on the look out they would have noticed it and guessed that there was a 20 something wearing nappies on campus. I was going to make the walk back to Canterbury when I had a real urge to pee and so, obviously, just let it go. Oops. It filled the nappy and I could feel the pee moving around finding somewhere new to fill and felt some if trickle down my leg. I promptly stopped as I guessed I must have peed to hard and the nappy was needing to catch up.

Well I wandered down the hill, rather conscious of the fact I was walking a little funny as the now soaked and full nappy was hanging down. I got the the park and suddenly another urge to pee again, and let it go. Mega oops. Pee flooded in again but this time just poured down my legs and into my socks and onto the path (this is why I think I might have had it the wrong way round) My joggers, which are black, glistened from dick to ankle on my inner legs and it was evident that I’d wet myself! I was torn between being really worried someone would see and being so fucking turned on that I was wearing nappies, in the middle of the day and had just wet myself.

Thankfully I managed to make it home without anyone noticing by dangling my coat in front of me the whole way, every so often stopping to squish the warm piss-logged front against my dick.

So, pretty good first experience, will try them the other way round next, and then have to see how daring I can be in when, where and how long I wear them.. and what I do in them too. Watch this space πŸ˜›

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  1. Sounds good I’ve just spent a day in mine πŸ™‚ had to change half way through though πŸ™‚ xx

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