It all started around 5th grade when I was dared to use my pants instead of the toilet in school. I took the dare and loved that awesome feeling. The naughtiness of using my pants for my number two and also number one. It was like being a baby again…allowed to freely urinate and defecate in my pants. I have continued to this day doing the very thing. In my early days I wasn’t able to get diapers so sometimes I would make one out of a tee shirt and trash bag. Well it always leaked. So I stuck with underpants. Once I got into 6th grade I was more regular about doing poop in my pants after school. Occasionly at school but not until 7th grade did I do it every single day. So like every day either after school at home or at my favorite spot to hang out or in school I would drop my feces into my pants. Then on fridays I would wait to fill my pants. Holding it back all day and maybe not doing anything until Saturday night and then getting the monster load of my life in my pants. Usually my parents would be going to a party saturday night and I would have the house to myself and that meant make the biggest load ever to sit in and then masturbate. Holding it back upon hours after hours created desperation that also felt good when it finally landed in the seat part of my undies. Especially if it was medium soft and I had to sort of push it out to start the flow. That always turned me on and made my dick hard when I had to grunt and push the turd out. When it was an obvious long one then I really got hard as that shit entered my underpants. When I had to really piss hard after dropping a load I would sit on the toilet and urinate all over my pants hearing the pee dribbling into the toilet and then putting the top toilet seat down to do a mega smash as I sit down in my mess. Then pulling out my thing to masturbate. Sometimes I would hump the rug in my room until I came all over myself. Feeling the shit bump against my rear end as I hump away. I love this fetish, and forever. It can last forever because you have to eat and drink to live and that makes pee and poop. I just remember how I like looking at male classmates in middle school all hot as hell cute…diarrhea load changers and wishing they could change my pants. The sick twisted fetish that wants a boy to change my pants. That’s what made me go in my pants in class…staring at a cute boy my age and starting to wet myself creating the wet spot that they would watch happen and begin to laugh at me…calling me names and then if all went well I would be following the wetting with a very nice large long shit log that I would grunt out and they would see me doing that for more laughing at me calling me names.

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  1. Pooping your pants and masturbating is the most fun anyone can have by themselves.We should love our fetishes so long as they don’t harm anyone.

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