my favourite thing

I got thinking today, about some of my favourite things.
Waking up with a rather overfull bladder, and then letting small spurts into my double cotton underwear. Not enough to wet the bed, but more than enough to wet the whole front of my underwear. I love it if I am wearing grey underwear, because the piss becomes dark patches as you do it.
Once I am satisfied that the front of my undies cant absorb any more, I then get out of bed.
I pull on my favourite plastic (rubberised) pants, jeans and top to go downstairs for breakfast.
With the plastic pants in lace, I am able to continue letting out huge spurts of piss while sit at the table having breakfast and making polite conversation with my other half.
Once I have finished breakfast and I am happy that the piss has soaked well into my pants and I can feel it is now damp right around my arse, I go out into the kitchen to wash the dishes.
Here I continue to pee huge spurts into my plastic pants, secure in the thought that nothing will show on my jeans. Sometimes the urge to pee is so strong that I have to squat down to let mountains of piss into my pants.
Sometimes this means that when I stand up, it pools around my bottom and will sometimes leak down my legs, soaking into my jeans.
While I stand to do the dishes, I will push to see if any poop will happen.
If it does, then I push and push, and if a little piss escapes while I am doing this, then that’s ok.
When the shit begins to flow, Oh the feeling is fantastic.
A tight something in my arse, a wet bottom and really wet pants getting wetter.
Sometimes there is so much pee, the not only does it run down my legs, but it will run and drip onto the floor.
Even as I climb the stairs to get to the shower room, more piss is running into my already full plastic pants. Under the shower, I can undress, letting all the piss and poop drop around me.
Time to clean up, and looking forward to repeating this tomorrow.
Time to wank? Maybe!!

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