My Fantasy

I have a fantasy that just sounds extremely hot to me. I would love to have a woman standing in my bathroom completely nude, absolutely bursting to pee. In my mind, she would be crossing her legs and keeping her hand tight against her crotch, desperately trying to hold her pee in. She’d just stay like that, making all sorts of little sounds, maybe saying how bad she has to go and that she can’t hold it much longer until finally, she starts to leak. Not a whole lot, but enough to see it dripping past her hands and running down her bare legs. When she starts to leak again and seems unable to hold it any longer, I’d come up behind her, place my hand over hers in her crotch, and whisper in her ear to just relax and let it all out. Seeing it all just fall to the floor in a long stream of her hot piss and watching it make a big puddle would be great.

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