My ex-girlfriend

I used to date a girl that loved to piss and shit her pants. She was also a squriter too.Her name was Sharon ( not her real name). We started dating for awhile first before I knew she was into that. The first time it happened, we were laying in bed kissing. we were both fully clothed. We were kissing each other passionately whe she whispered in my ear that she needed to pee. I asked her if she could hold it and she said that she thought she could. We resumed kissing and knecking. I slid my hand down to her cloth covered pussy and began to rub. She shuddered at the touch but she didn’t stop me from doing so.She started to squirm about, so I asked her if she wanted me to stop. She said “No keep going, ” so I kept at it. She began to thrust her pussy into my hand. I remembered that she said she needed to piss and asked her if she still need to go. She said “No I’m going to piss myself  for you.”.  Well that got me real hard and my cock started to pulse with excitement. I asked her “How close are you to pissing?”. She whispered in my ear,” I’m almost there. Keep rubbing my pussy.” She ground her pussy harder into my hand and I knew she would piss at anytime now. I started rubbing her pussy harder and harder until finally she yelled ” i’m going to piss. i’m going to piss.”. I kept rubbing untill she said, ” i’m pissing myself. I can’t hold it any longer. Here it comes. I’m pissing”. I could feel my hand getting wet and i could hear the pssssssst sound as she pissed. By now, I was rock hard and she just kept pissing. Then all of a sudden she yelled ” Oh no, I’m starting to shit my panties too. It’s comming out and and I can’t stop it.”  I could hear the crackle of her shit comming into her panties.It stunk real bad but I didn’t care. I was having too much fun. She yell ” Oh god, I just shit my panties. I can’t believe I just shit my panties.”. I told her that was ok and that it turned me on. She seemed to relax and told me to pull her pants off and lick her wet stinky pussy. Who was i to argue. I pulled down her pants and could see the shit lump in her panties. I pulled the crotch of her weet panties aside and went down on her pussy. I was in heaven. She said ” make me cumm, Make me cum now”. So I didn’t waste anytime getting her off. She yelled, “I’m going to squirt, I’m going to squirt.” Her pussy exploded and she squirted her hot cumm right into my face and mouth. When she was finished cumming, I tolde her that I needed to cum too, so she pulled down my pants and underwear and grabbed my rock hard cock in her hand and went down on me. It wasn’t long before I came. I told her that I wanted her to swallow my cum load. She wrapped her lips around my shaft and Started to suck my cock. I yelled,”I’m going to cum now.” She said, “Go for it. Cumm in my mouth now.” She kept sucking me harder and harder untill I couldn’t hold any more. I yelled,” Here it cumms, Here it cums. I’m cumming, I’m cumming”. I exploded and came in her mouth. I never came that hard before  I was done. We both were. We cuddled together untill morning at which time I cleaned her panties and and her ass. It was the best time ever.


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