My evil big sister

My big sister and I were playing a game. She told me to close my eyes and gave me a sleep thing (?) And I feel asleep. When I woke up I was tied to a pole In our basement. She told me that my parents left her in charge cause they would be gone for a month or 2. And my sis kept me to that pole for an hour. I had to pee really badly but she didn’t let me. And them after a few more hours, I was squirming and my sis took my skirt off and when she did that, she did it so fast she dint even bother to untie the bow I had in the back so when she ripped it off, I let it all come out into my light blue panties. My sister laughed and laughed and called her boyfriend over and they “played” with me. They did this everyday until my parents came home. They didn’t even know. And when my sis goes to her boyfriends house, she takes me with her and they have ‘fun’ with me.

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