my evil baby sitter

so if you havent read my last story then you should do since it will make more sense whilst reading this one πŸ™‚ im just going to give you a few experiences i had with my baby sitter so you all know how evil she was!

so my baby sitter sat me from the ages of 15 – 18 before my mum got me a new and more nicer baby sitter πŸ™‚ the girl that was my baby sitter knew me some how from some sort of odd family connection or she is a cousin of someone so she was totally okay the fact that i was 15 and being treated like a baby… and i thought it could be fun to but clearly that wasnt to be…

so i remember it being the first half term (2 weeks off school) being treated as a baby and i met my baby sitter named rachel πŸ™‚ she looked nice although she was pretty tall at 5″ 10 and she was slim but she had some muscles to. every morning was the same… my mummy always woke me up and changed my diaper, told rachel that she was looking after me for the whole day till she (my mum) came back home at 9pm. in my eyes i thought it would be okay πŸ™‚

so the first couple of days she was really nice to me and gave me candy and sang me songs as i went to sleep but midway through the week all of that was about to change…

it was a wednesday morning and my mum was in such a rush to get to work that she forgot to change me. rachel came in and saw me in my crib and smelt the bad smell. she asked “did mummy forget to change your diaper?” i nodded my head to agree. she got me out of my crib and picked up to the changing table. rolled me over so i was laying on my front. she said “what a bad baby for messing your diaper at night” i started to wine since its not my fault!

she began spanking me really hard and i felt the mess in my diaper being squashed all round my bum. i began to cry. “why you crying little baby? you made the mess so its your own fault” she said to me in a patronizing way. she then rolled me back over and spread my legs, she grabbed a clean diaper and then i began to smile. she had that evil look on her face though….

she put the diaper over my dirty diaper then pulled my plastic pants up. “awww nice clean diaper for baby april” i shaked my head either she was stupid or just being mean to no she hadnt changed my diaper! she took my hand and i waddled down the stairs to get breakfast. “would you like banana’s” i nodded she peeled the banana andΒ  then pulled the back of my diaper so she put 2 bananas in the back of my diaper! she then got me to sit on my high chair which made it all squish! she put the clips on me so i couldnt move out of the high chair and then just left me there for the rest of the day as she went out! she came back 20 mins before my mummy was going to come home. she gave me some of my baby food and walked me back to my crib! this whole day i was sat in a mega full diaper after last night and todays mess plus 2 banana’s! she layed me in my crib and i heard my mum come through.

i heard that rachel said to my mum dont worry i have double diaperd april and she is all clean so no need to check on her!!! i cried and cried but no one came to change me πŸ™

this is just one of many stories i have of my baby sitter if you want more then just comment below and i will write more πŸ™‚

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