My drive back to my parents

I was driving home, back to the appalachia again.  I miss the mountains where I live.

I stayed with family in another state for about 4 days.  I engaged in two wettings in the woods behind their house.  That held me off until I get to be way back in the woods back home.  There, I can be uninhibited and engage myself in fantasies too crazy for this site.  I don’t have to worry about being watched.

While I was driving home, i started having to pee really badly.  But I had a problem.  My parents would want to visit with me while I am desperate and I don’t think I could hang on that long without flooding the floor in front of them while they talk about the decorations they put up.

When I am horny to wet myself, I get very, very pee shy.  I just can’t whip it out.  However, I can’t show up in soaked jeans either.  I realized that I couldn’t hang on any longer and too the next exit off the highway.  There was a house near where I planned to pee, so I drove across the road for the exit and started back onto the onramp to get back on the highway.

There was a dark spot I could use.  I got out of the car, trying not to dribble.  I am so shy at this point I can’t whip it out.  But I have an idea.  I will unzip, pull as much of myself as I can through the opening and pee through the briefs.

Once I felt comfortable and didn’t have to pretend to be inspecting my car, I unziped and pulled as much as I could through the opening.  Balls and all came out as far as they could go.  The underwear (maroon  Fruit of Loom fashion briefs) was a little tight for the task so I was worried that things might not go so well.

I was locked up at the moment as I stood there.  I knew better than to force it because I might either spray uncontrollably or have a brown accident.  The best I could do was stand there and stop holding it in.

Relief didn’t come before my penis started stinging.  I don’t know if that was because of my bladder about to drop it’s load or if it already started and my urethra was pressurizing my penis which was mashed against the cloth, which was tight because of the position it was pulled.

Right after, warm was felt and I heard splattering on the ground, although it was too dark to see it.  Relief didn’t come quick because the pee was more like it was leaking out slowly as opposed to a regular full speed pee.

Four times I stopped because I heard something or thought a car was coming and the stinging process of peeing had to start over again.  The fourth time brought relief.  I stood there and waited until I didn’t hear dripping anymore and put things back away.

I drove home and was there in half an hour.  My pants were damp, but there was no evidence obvious about what had happened.  I peed and nobody saw anything.

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