My Dream Last Night

My dream-
So last night I had a dream about one of my rather close female friends (whom has friend-zoned me..) wearing a diaper during a bus trip. For ease, we’ll call this girl R. 
You see, we are both in the high school band, and we sometimes have trips where we wake up at 5:30 in the morning to get on a bus and ride for a few hours. Nonetheless, I sat with R on this trip. As I usually do. She was wearing a short dress, which kinda came up a bit as she was sitting there. It was early, and we were all kinda half asleep on each other. I’m used to being her pillow, and in fact, rather be her pillow than sleep for myself. Any way, back to the point. She was half asleep, laying on my side. Her dress came up again only a little bit more. I spotted her panties. Or, what I thought were panties at the time being, until I saw them again, and they were more, poofy, I guess, than I originally noticed. For some reason I thought it would be a bright idea to reach my hand down and poke what I now knew was a diaper. So, I did just that, and left my hand on it for a split moment. I felt the leg band, part of the main padded area over her crotch, and her inner thigh. Her skin was really warm, and the diaper felt soft, squishy, and full. It also felt as if you opened it, it would steam a little. It was much warmer than her skin.  But, yet it felt so wonderful to me at the same time. I put two and two together and learned she had peed and pooped whilst half asleep on me. Frankly, I didn’t mind one bit. She noticed I poked her diaper, though. She just kinda tensed up slightly and turned red.  I told her it’s okay, kissed her cheek, (it was closest, and well, we’re not dating. Nor do I feel I have a chance) and told her to go back to sleep. A few minutes later she finally relaxed enough to sleep. And that’s just what she did. 
Suddenly the dream changed though, and I was suddenly in my house, in my kitchen with no known reasoning. Suddenly I see R walk by me in just what I swear was one of my tee shirts, and a diaper. Looked just like the one before, so I assumed it was wet and messy. She said she wasn’t feeling to good, and thinks she has a fever. Then she threw away something, I think a water bottle, and went upstairs to I think my room. I kind of assumed maybe that’s why her tbigh and her diaper seemed to be burning up. She was probably sick. Though, they were two separate areas and times, I still put the connection, I guess. Either way I started walking back up the stairs to follow R. But, sadly, I was rudely interrupted by my alarm clock…This dream distracted me from my schoolwork all day. 
And if any of you care to know, the diaper I saw I can assume was a huggies. But it could have been something else, the brand was kinda the least of my attention. 

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  1. You sound like a fucking loser. Get on that son! Don’t have a chance? Be a man! Wet dream diaper boy.

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