My Diarrhea After Work

Yesterday at around 12 PM at school I started to get the urge for a massive dump, but I held on because I didn’t want to go at school, so I kept on going throughout the day holding it in, getting big urges suddenly and then having them go away from time to time, and then at around 3:30 school finished, but I had work after school so I took the school bus straight to the local shopping centre, but I started work at 4:30 so I didn’t have enough time to take a shit then, so I tried and tried to keep holding on, cause I had work till 8:30, and all throughout work it involved a lot of lifting so that made the urge to shit even stronger, and on so many occasions did I think I was going to shit my pants because I knew this was going to be a really runny dump, but I kept it in.
Finally at 8:30 when I finished, I couldn’t wait till I got home so I hurried to the toilets at at the shopping centre, and was so relieved to find them empty, and I went into the nearest toilet cubicle, threw my school bag down, unbuttoned my trousers, pulled them down and my jocks too, not even bothering to check if the seat was clean or not, not even bothering to put toilet paper on it, and I sat down as quick as I could on my bare ass.

I ABSOLUTELY UNLEASHED into the toilet! As soon as I sat down, my asshole opened and ripped out massive farts that echoed in the whole toilet, and splattered runny shit all around the bowl, and this splattering continued for a good minute or so, until the toilets were full of liquid shit.

Then I decided to wipe and and not to flush, so I could let the next person who came to use that toilet see my dump 😉

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