My Diapers over a lifetime

I started my love for Diapers early on. Just after potty training I wanted back in Diapers so bad I stole them from the baby-sitter and wore them at night but didn’t have the nerve to use them. I wasn’t until years later when I was 16 that I discovered the ab/dl community on the Internet, by way of theyahooo, geocities and Hotmail groups. I also had gathered enough money to make my first online diaper order. At the time I was 16 I only weighed 105 lbs on a good day and luckily for me luvs, huggies, pampers had size 6 Diapers that fit perfectly. I would run home as fast as I could and diaper up and use my Diapers. Over the years following, I’ve enjoyed the full use of Diapers for wetting, messing and cumming (after use :-P) Recently I’ve tried wearing in public most specifically at work as I deliver for a living. Fetish + function = fun!

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