My day off

Thought I would share a little fantasy turned reality story. Please excuse the sometimes rambling nature and lack of punctuation in places, I’m not the greatest writer. But I try.

Anyway here it is.

I knew I would have the house to myself from morning to evening on my next day off. So about two days before hand I started taking additional fibber supplements, I don’t go very often so I need a bit extra to keep things moving. I knew this wouldn’t cause things to move too soon but it would increase the amount. Once I got home the evening before my day of fun, in preparation I showered and shaved everything from front to back, it makes things slip and slid around so much better. Once things were nice and smooth I had to rub a bit of lotion in, very hard to stop short. Afterward I slipped on a pair of white underpants, fotl are my favorite. I also had a very full dinner this night and felt quite full. So along about bed time to make sure I would have a strong urge to go I took a laxative. And went to bed. It was somewhat hard to sleep thinking about the “accidental” mess I was going to have come next day. I kept think about all the different ways I could do the deed. Be it here at home squatting like a two year old when the time came and filling my pants. To using a diaper, also fun but better suited to wetting. To being out in public and have no choice but poop my pants. I had chosen to do it while I was out getting a few things for additional fun and games. I would be out at the store when the time came with no place to go but in my pants.
When I got up the next morning I still felt quite full. But it had moved lower and as I sat and had coffee waiting for the house to clear out I could feel things gurgling and rumbling around. It wasn’t too urgent yet so I had a little time before things really started moving. Once everyone left I started to prepare for the day. By first stepped out into the backyard to smoke and with feet apart relaxed and began to pee in my underpants and pj pants, It spread out nice and warm across the front trickling down around little hairless cock and balls soaking the crotch and seat running down my legs to form a small puddle on the concrete. It felt so nice to just standing there with warm pee soaking me front to back and down my legs. Once I finished my smoke most of the drips had stopped so off to finish getting ready I pulled my soaked pj’s off and admired the arcing yellow pee stain in the front of my underpants. I patted them mostly dry slipped them off and hung then up for a minute. Since I would be in messy pants for more than few hours I needed to protect my skin so I applied a generous amount of diaper rash cream front and back, rubbing it in really well, couldn’t resist slipping a finger in and out my butt pussy a few times. After which I powdered everything down. Then slipped my now only slightly damp pee stained underpants back on and proceeded to pin the the leg bands tighter, I like to keep things contained once deposited.
Now I was beginning to feel an urge to poop but not too urgent yet so to make sure it got that way I slipped a laxative suppository as far up inside my bottom as I could. It said it worked in 30 minutes to an hour. I’ve used these before and knew this to be about right, the longest I’d held them in the past was just over an hour. Now I slipped on a pair plastic panties, didn’t want to mess up my car seat nor disturb others with my fun. Besides it’s very erotic being able to walk around in public with a nice slippery poo sliding back and forth with no one the wiser. Anyway finished getting dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. At this point about fifteen minutes had passed. I still had to go but not badly yet so I sat and surfed the net for a few more minutes, wanted this to be no choice when the time came. It had been almost thirty minutes when I left to go to the store. By now I could feel cramps beginning to build and knew it wouldn’t be long now, it was getting difficult to keep everything under control and by the time I got the store, a fifteen minute ride. I really had to go. As I walked into the store I had to stop and squeeze my cheeks together to keep from pooping my pants right then and there as a cramp surged through my belly. I couldn’t leave before I got what i came for. I had come to the store to get a bunch of bananas and a large cucumber. As I walked to the produce aisle I could tell that my efforts to stop from messing my pants had partially failed, I could feel a bit of warm slipperiness between my butt cheeks. I knew I needed to hurry at his point because I didn’t want to make too big of a messy scene in the store. I could feel the cramps build and subside then build again each time getting stronger. And with each new cramp I could feel a bit more slipping out. It wasn’t much yet but would be soon.
I found what I came for, nice bunch of ripe bananas and a big cucumber and headed for the check out. I was almost there when I big cramp hit me and I couldn’t stop a small surge of soft mushy poo pushing out into the seat of my underpants. Now I’d done it! I had really messed my pants. It wasn’t much, about the cup of soft warm poopy. But still enough to let me know it was there. as it slowly spread out and down into my crotch. I hoped the plastic panties held the smell down till I could get outside. As I stood in line I could feel another big cramp building and knew this was going to be more than I could hide or control. As I checked out and was pay for my items I could feel it beginning to push past my already weakened rosebud. As I walked away I could feel my bottom being forced open as a nice warm pile began pushing out into the seat of my once clean white underpants, now quickly turning brown I’m sure. If anyone had been watching they probably would have noticed the bulge forming in the seat. Fortunately no one did. As I walked to my car it could feel the warm poo against my bottom slowly spreading around as more cramps built now one after the other forcing a little more out each time. I quickly got in my car and as I sat the poop spread in all direction, love that feeling. I had hoped that setting down would help stop anymore coming out till I got home but the suppository and laxatives had worked very well. I tried to stop it at first but it hurt too much I just had to relax and hope setting in the seat could stop some slippery poop from push out. I leaned back some to give it a bit of room and sure enough as it pushed out of my bottom it moved forward into my crotch and up around my hairless balls, it wouldn’t be long before it pushed past them and up around my slick stiff willie. I was loving every minute of this. the drive home was done with care. It would have been very embarrassing and hard to explain if i were pulled over with poopy pants.
By the time i got home the crotch of my underpants was quite full with warm mush and my little hairless balls were encased in it. but This was only the start of the fun for the day. There was still quite a bit left in me that still wanted out. After carefully getting out I kinda waddled in to the house with my purcheses. Once inside I took off my jeans and removed my plastic panties to inspect the damage. the seat was brown from side to side with a wide streak up the middle almost to the waistband. the front was stained a nice yellow color in a large circle except for the crotch area which had started to turn brown. Now it was time get really messy. first I carefully put my jeans back on without the plastic panties. I could feel more cramps building and a lot of moving around inside and knew there was plenty more on its way soon. Now home and out of the public eye I didn’t have to try and stop what was come now tho. But i still want to help things along so grabbed a couple of beers and my smokes and stepped out in the backyard. I opened and chugged the first one knowing that this would put addtional pressure on my system, lite a smoke. It wasn’t long before a big cramp started to build all I did was spread my feet bent my knees a bit relaxed and let nature take its course. my bottom opened right up and warm mushy poop started to fill the seat of my pants and spread out across my bottom. man that’s nice all warm and slippery. it felt amazing as it piled into my underpants and spread out across my bottom. It was like someone had dumped a large bowl of warm pudding into the back of my pants. The massive pile had filled the seat and crotch of my tight underpants creating a huge bulge in my jeans. As I straightened up i could feel it pulling on the waistband. But I wasn’t quite done messing my pants yet and pushed to see how much was left. sure enough another large surge of poop rushed out of my bottom increasing the bulge in my seat spreading warmly against my bottom. I felt my seat and could tell that it had begun to soak through because it was somewhat damp to the touch. I pushed a couple of times to see if anything else was there, nope all out for now and what a load. All warm and slippery. now it was time for the bananas. I went into the house feeling the load shifting back and forth as well as spreading around my seat and filling my crotch, love that feeling. After pealing several big fat ripe bananas I undid my jeans and slid the first one down the back to my waiting bottom. it didn’t take much effort to push the first one in followed by three more. Because my butt pussy was still wide open and relaxed, feels real nice as they slid in and give you that full feeling all over again. after which i pealed a few more and slipped them down in front. after zipping up my jeans i kneeded the bananas into a mushy slippery mess in front. Now to see what it looked like in the the mirror. The seat of my pants had a large brown stain covering from side to side and arcing up in a half circle across my butt, while the front had a big damp circle on it making it look like I’d wet my pants again too.
Now the trick is to see how long i can keep all four of them in. I had that very full urgent need to go all over again and with my bottom loose and weakened, it was going to be a challenge. I had to stand there for several minutes trying to squeeze my butt cheeks together while cramps coursed through belly. This further spreading my poopy mess across my bottom and around in my pants. But I managed to hang on to most of the mass wanting out I could feel the bananas slowly pushing passed my feeble resistance as they warmed and softened. I knew it wouldn’t be long before they forced their way out completely to further fill my already very full underpants and pants. Once I had gotten things some what under control I decided to take a short walk around the backyard, letting nature take it’s course. as i walked around the yard feeling the poopies slipping, sliding and spreading around in my pants a relaxed bottom. Walking and pooping at the same time is quite the experience. I could feel my butt pussy dilate and open up as the much softer and warmed bananas slid slowly out one after the other increasing the mass in my pants. once I was was sure that the were all out I stopped and gave a good push to see if anything else was there. And sure enough some very soft poo rushed out and spread warmly across my bottom. mm mm that was nice.
Now it was time for the cucumber. (Side note if you want a cheap disposable dildo you can’t go wrong with a cucumber) Anyway I waddled back into the house greased up my cucumber with a bit of cisco unfastened my pants and slid it down the back to my waiting and wanton butt pussy and with one hand down in back in the mess guiding it and the other on the seat of my messy pants to push I began to violate my butt again. But this was much larger than the bananas. As it started in I could feel my butt pussy spreading and stretching wider as the large cucumber was forced further in. I had to stop several times to get used to the size, it was over 2.5″ in dia. after all. Once i got it past the widest part it started to slid in some what easier. Once in far enough I tugged my pants up a bit to hold it in place, washed my hand and refastened my jeans forcing it even deeper into my bottom. Wow what a feeling, being impaled on this monster. It felt like i was riding a baseball bat. Now it was time to finish things up and release my pent up juices. So I began to kneeding and spreading the massive load around in my pants from front to back and side to side and from top to bottom. All the time feeling the monster deep in my bottom sliding in and out as I pushed on it crouched, bent over pushing a little it deeper each time, only to have it slid back out part way. It didn’t take long before things built to a boil and I violently cam in my mess pants. My legs were shaking and I had to hang on to the counter to keep from falling once I’d stopped cumming. Once I’d calmed a bit leaning on the counter, still feeling the mess in my pants and huge invader in my bottom enjoying the after glow. I had to relent and begin the task of cleaning up. First slip the jeans off and drop in the washer then waddle carefully off to the shower. I looked at my underpants in the mirror and decided there was no saving them after this playtime. They were brown from the waistband down and all the way around there wasn’t a white spot on them. so i hopped in the shower unpinned them slid them down, oh what nice feeling as the monster slid from my bottom, and dropped them in a waiting trash bag. I kept the cucumber tho. It had felt so nice sliding out I had gotten a bit excited all over again and thought maybe after I was cleaned up i might slip it back in for a bit more fun. So i washed it and myself making sure to wash all traces of the mess away. Now clean and dry with the laundry going i once again greased up my new toy along with my butt pussy and slowly slid it back in. it went in somewhat easier this time sense I had already stretched my bottom out once today but I could still feel my bottom stretching to accommodate the monster as I slid it in and out faster and and faster while stroking my little stiffy until i cam once again. Oh man that felt great! At this point I was completely spent cleaned up and dropped my friend in the trash. Now fully content and relaxed.
After cleaning everything up I did take a look in the mirror at my butt pussy and yes it looked like a well used pussy at this point, gaping open and wider than it was before I started. But boy was it fun getting there.

well i hope you like this please feel free to use and modify to your liking. I know it was a bit rambling in places and my punctuation wasn’t the best. But as I said at the beginning I’m not much of a writer

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  1. Awesome story buddy, wish I was there to help you with that cucumber. I would love to hear more of your raunchy happenings. Feel free to add me anytime, and keep writing them stories !! Big hugs.

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