My day in Hospital.

My day in Hospital.
I was up early as I had to go to hospital with my mum, it is her that has to have the treatment, but as I am very disabled and cannot take care of my self it was decided that I would go into hospital with mum to be cared for until mum was ready to come home.

When we arrived at the hospital I thought I would have to sit on the ward mum was put on and wait for her to come out, but no, I was taken off to a ward where I could be taken care of.  It turned out to be a children’s ward of sorts, I did say as I was pushed in that I was a bit old to be put on here as I’m 18 but they said that according to my records I have an ability age of a ten year old and that was what they were working on. It is an ability assessment, not my mental age, but they thought I would get on better here than be taken to an surgical ward where people were trying to rest or get ready for operations.

I agreed and settled down and could see that all the children were about 8 to 12 and were, all but one, up and dressed and running around. I spent most of the morning playing board games with them as the nurses were constantly yelling at us to be quiet and stop running around the ward, I was in my wheel chair but could move around and did play some unofficial foot ball with them, but I was in goal.

That soon came to a halt as the noise could be heard all over the place and we were settled down to lunch.

I was taken over to an unoccupied bed and where I had a table on wheels fitted onto my wheel chair and had my meal there. They served me a liquidized meal which was beef and veg,


I can not actually eat real food as I have had my stomach and upper intesteen removed because of a tomour growing it there but they know me well at this  hospital and they know I like to taste food so they give me a little to put in my mouth so I can get a taste then I have to spit it out and it was very tasty and good.


After lunch, which was served at 12 noon, I sat beside my bed but soon the nurses came and I was lifted onto the bed and the curtains were pulled round.  I was undressed and had my nappy changed then put onto the feeding machine and a water drip. I had to stay in bed then as the machine was fixed to the side of my bed and not portable so I couldn’t get out.

They did pull the curtains well back and put up the back rest so I could see all that was going on around me. I noticed how nice the ward had been decorated and this I hadn’t noticed before then to my surprise the doors were flung open and in came loads of what I  can only describe as elves, all dressed in very colourful costumes.

Music started to play and they all danced around and gave out little gifts to all of us, they were far too young for me but I received one just the same as the rest did. It consisted of some small sweets, a party popper, and hat.

The nurses had all flooded in by now with some more children in wheel chairs and soon the ward was really quite full. I was handed a blue balloon, my favourite colour, on a long stalk and we had to wave them to the music as the dancing elves commanded.

I felt a bit out of place being the oldest there but I am a bit behind in my learning and mental abilities and soon found myself really getting into it and allowing myself to enjoy it all, and I did get very excited at the grand site in front of me.

I sat up and shuffled myself down to the bottom of my bed so I could see everything getting rid of the covers as they were in my way. The feeding tube had allowed me to reach to bottom of the bed without pulling too tight and there I managed to get my legs folded under me and sat there, wide eyed, watching the spectacular unfolding before me.

I got sprayed with snow from a spray tin the elves were using and covered with glitter several times, I had my hat on and was waving my blue balloon frantically.

In hind site it must have looked a bit sad as I am 18, but I was well into it by now and I was feeling at home, I am very immature for my real age because of the head injury six years earlier. I will confess that I am more at home in these surroundings than when I am forced to act my real age, and
I do still like to play with the toys that younger children have.

The nurses came over to me to ask if I was ok, and I was, but they thought I was a bit insecure as I can’t use my legs and one sat beside me on the bed as I continued to act like a 10 year old.  She had to hold on to me to stop me from falling several times as I was acting silly but enjoying it.

It was only then when she placed her hand under me to prop me up that I realised I was still undressed, as I had abandoned the bed covers earlier I was sitting there showing off my special underwear to all, but as the nurses hadn’t taken any notice and I had been like this for 30 minuets now I decided it was far too late to try to hide it now. No one on the ward had taken any notice of me in my nappy so I soon forgot all about it and went on to enjoy the party.

The nurse was called away as they said there was a special guest arriving, so she put the sides up on the bed as she left so I wouldn’t fall out in her absence. I could still see over the foot of the bed and took no notice as I was already confined to my bed by the feeding tube so it made no difference to me.

Loud bells rang out and a loud voice could be heard calling out, “Ho, Ho, Ho”. Yes it was farther Christmas, well a man dressed as him, but it didn’t matter and I was as excited as the rest of them at his arrival.

The children lined up and one by one they were talked to and handed a small, well wrapped, gift.

It was a good site to see and I can recommend it to any one that is fed up with Christmas as it is what it is all about, 8, 12 or 18 it made no difference we all were wrapped up in the excitement of the advent.

As the queue diminished the other little lad confined to his bed was bouncing boldly as he was approached by Santa, he was given the same time and attention as all the others had received and Santa handed him a gift which he took and proceeded to unwrap.

Then I was pointed out and Santa approached me, I had the same attention given by Santa. I couldn’t stop my self from acting well below my age and was so excited as Santa talked to me just as he had spoken to all the others, he spoke like I was 10 and still believing in him. I played along, or did I, as it was just like when I was 10, I can remember it as I was a normal boy then and mum took us all to see Santa.

Yes I was taken up with the moment and did have a tear in my eyes as he spoke to me, I too was handed a parcel beautifully wrapped and held it as it seemed too good to tear it open.

I was left holding my present and Santa waved us all good bye and with even louder bell ringing he left us being followed by all the elves.

Relative silence and peace rained over the ward as we all tore open out presents and proceeded to look at them and discuss what we had received.

They were really quite good presents considering we had not paid towards them, and I had received two little games, a card game which was a memory improvement game which I do need and a carpet skittles game, I think little sis and I will enjoy playing that.

By now the amount of feed and water being pumped into me had had its effect and I had used my nappy to its capacity, plus all the excitement had caused the normal reaction that most young children have when getting over excited and I was in bad need of attention around my bottom.

The nurses told us all that it was time for us all to settle down and have a afternoon nap and unwind, I think it was  to give the nurses time to clean up the ward and get back to there normal duties.

I was attended too around the bottom area and settled down for my sleep, I never normally sleep during the day but as I was up very early to get ready for my trip to the hospital and I did sleep until woken for yet another well needed nappy change.

It was now getting on for 4pm and I thought I should be home by now but was told my mum was still not ready and we were to get ready for out party tea.

I liked that as there were all the normal foods you associate with a children’s party and most of it was soft so I could eat it and have a taste.

Those of us, and that included me, that still had our party poppers pulled the cords and mayhem rained as cascades of coloured ribbons were fired into the air the rained down on us causing even more work for the cleaning team.

Once again the paper hats were worn and we all had a great time.

Then it was time for me to leave and I think this was the only time I can remember that I didn’t want to go. I normally I can’t wait to get out and home, but for once I would have liked to stay a bit longer with them all, but the transport had been ordered and was on its way and I had to be up, re-nappied, dressed and in my wheel chair ready to be collected.
<BR>I thanked them all as I left and met up with my mum and we were brought back home.

I never had expected the day to be so good and with the good news about mum’s results I am a very happy lad tonight.


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  1. Une bien belle histoire pendant les fêtes de noël ; je suis heureux que tu aies passé une bonne journée. Au plaisir de te lire.

  2. great storry….i always wished to have to go to the hospital and wear a nappy!

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