My Darkest Fantasy in Type

The story contains, but is not limited to: Forced Nudity, Forced Wetting of pants and diapers, Obscene language, Obscene and Cruel behavior, Human Being Used as Toilet, Forced Infantilism, Bondage, and Spanking.
If any of the latter is disagreeable to you, or becomes disagreeable to you at any time it is advised that you exit this post.

The following story is fictional, but will be written as though it actually happened / is happening.

I have been a naughty boy today. Mommy sent me to write to everyone about what I did, and she tried to correct my behavior with her very fair punishment, but I simply wouldn’t listen.

I got home from work a little early today. When I walked in the door I made noise by taking my shoes off and shutting the door too hard, and that didn’t make mommy happy. “Why can’t you come home without disturbing me” she said with an evil look in her eye. “But I guess it’s my job to fix that isn’t it?” she asked rhetorically, but I nodded anyway looking up momentarily at her. “Don’t make eye contact with me, you’re wittle puppy dog eye won’t on me Mister!” She moved closer to me, unbuckled my pants and brought them to my ankles, leaving me exposed. “Ok, now you can go do two things; first go open all the blinds then get your toothbrush and start scrubbing the toilet.” I couldn’t even get this task right as the first thing I tried to do was step out of my pants around my ankles to which I was scolded “Umm no, I didn’t say to step out of those did I? You can hobble around just fine like that!” she told me.

I then proceeded to do as I was told. About 15 minutes into my punishment mommy came into the bathroom and said “I have to pee…” as she stared a hole through me and took her pants off. I began to get up but felt a hand on my back that pushed me down. “Haha no, I don’t think so” she laughed as she stepped over me and squatted down. “Don’t you dare move” she said. A moment passed and then I felt a warm stream hit the back of my head and run every way imaginable down my face and back. “Looks like you have more cleaning to do” she said with an insidious smile as she left the room. I finished my cleaning some time later and hobble back out to her, covered in her urine.

“You look ridiculous” she said in a half loving tone. “What am I going to do with you” she said as she walked over to me and grabbed my manhood gently as she began to stroke. After a moment there was an abrupt halt to her gift with me only moments from cuming. “Nope, I don’t think so” she said. She then pulled my pants back up and pulled me down so she could whisper in my ear “these don’t come off until I take them off, understand?” Being the insubordinate that I am I talked back to her saying “but I really have to use the bathroom, can I just go quickly?” I felt a slap against my cheek and heard a quiet but firm “Don’t talk back to me, I tell you when to piss. Are you a fucking baby, can you not hold yourself without pissing your pants?” I incorrectly though she didn’t want an answer, but when she yelled “ANSWER ME!” I jumped and said “no, I’m not a baby” as I nearly had an accident right then and there. “Good, then you can hold it while I go buy a bottle of wine” she said as she began to put her shoes on. I got excited for a moment thinking that I could use the bathroom while she was out.

She turned the doorknob slowly before saying, “Ohh, I almost forgot. Go get me the handcuffs” she instructed while letting go of the doorknob. I did as I was told and mommy then handcuffed one of my hands, brought me over to the sliding glass door, slipped the other side of the handcuffs through the handle and handcuffed my other hand. She then put the key on the coffee table just feet from where I was. “Ok I’ll be back in a little while, you have fun” she said as she walked out the door.

I stood and waited for what seemed like forever. I couldn’t help but to look at the clock as the time ticked away second after second. I held myself for exactly 43 minutes before my bladder started to give way. Mommy came home 28 minutes later, and found me in a puddle. She looked at me from across the room, said nothing and proceeded to go to the kitchen. She came back in with a bottle of wine and a glass and didn’t even look at me. She then sat down, turned on the TV and poured herself a glass of wine while I sat in wet pants for another 45 minutes or so. After her show was over she got up, grabbed the key and unlocked my handcuffs. She then unbuttoned my pants and again brought them to my ankles. “Take them off” she said quickly and sternly. I did as I was told, and was walked across the room where mommy sat down in a chair. “Across my lap” she said in the same stern voice as before. I laid across her lap, and a moment later I felt a hard sting hit my butt. Mommy is small but she spanked me until my butt was sore and red.

She pushed me off her lap and let me hit the floor before saying, “Let me guess, you want to eat tonight don’t you?” I got to my knees and nodded yes to her. She grabbed me by the hair and led me to the kitchen where she sat me in a chair. She then went into a bag that she had brought home whilst out getting her wine. She opened a jar and came back to the kitchen table, grabbing a seat next to mine with a small spoon in her hand. She then proceeded to dip the spoon into a jar of baby food and half feed me and half smear the food across my face.”You’ve so fucking messy, I can’t even spoon feed you without having you make a mess” she said disapprovingly.

Next mommy led me to the bathroom where she told me to get undressed and get in the tub. She turned on the shower first, and only the cold water. She smirked as I shivered for a minute but then decided that she’d rather give me a bath instead. “Sit down, and be good” she instructed, as she turned on the warm water and let the tub fill. I was so happy to finally be getting the pee, both from herself and myself as well as all of the baby food, off of me. Mommy used a nice washcloth to clean me up, and spent extra special attention to my private area, again leaving me only moments away from cuming. “Ok time to get out” mommy then said as she unplugged the drain and got me a towel. “Dry off while mommy gets your night time cloths ready” she said in a more positive mood.

After drying off I stood and waited for mommy for a moment until she called for me to come into our room. I entered and saw my night time cloths: a white t-shirt and a very thick diaper that was splayed out on the bed. “Well…lay on the diaper for me” mommy instructed. I did, and she taped me up super tight before putting me in my t-shirt. Mommy then took a pillow and a sheet and put it on the floor next to the bed. “Ok, I made a place for you to sleep, now mommy is going to go finish her wine and watch some TV. You be good, I don’t want to hear a peep Mister!” She said as she turned off the light and watched me lie on the floor before closing the door and leaving.

And that’s where I slept, until I woke up the next morning. I got out of bed needing to use the bathroom in both senses of the word, but I dared not wake up mommy. I managed to hold it until around 11 when she woke up, where I asked approached her and asked “mommy can I please use the bathroom I really have to go, and not just pee?” Mommy looked at me with a puzzled expression and said “are you trying to ask for something? I don’t understand” I asked her again and got the same response, only this time she told me “maybe if you got on your knees and begged a little, I’d be able to understand you.” I did just that and pleaded and begged mommy to let me use the bathroom. She finally responded with “that’s ok, one day when you’re a big boy you’ll learn to talk and mommy will be able to understand everything you say, but for now I guess all we can hope to get from you is baby babble.” I felt so defeated and gave up right then and there as I started to wet and mess my diaper with mommy watching.

“Ohh, it’s a good thing mommy put you in those diapers, look at all of the accidents you’re having lately!” she said as I finished filling my pants. “Mommy will change you in a while baby, but first I think you should go tell the world how bad you’ve been. Go get on your computer and tell everyone what you’ve done since you got home from work yesterday, and mommy will change you when you’re finished.”

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