My cousin and I (2)

My cousin and I (2)

About nine clock woke us up. It was bright and warm in the chamber and it smelled like piss. My bladder was totally full again and I had a hard on. I felt Alex hand in my pants. He took my cock and started to wank him. I did the same to him. We grabbed each other, wanking each other and after we hosed, we pissed in the pajamas.

After lunch, Alex and I went to the beach. I wore beige tight shorts, Alex wide light blue, to white t-shirts. We were looking for pretty girls chatting, flirting, petting … and more. But all the girls were in groups or had been friends.

Alex said: “We look after fucking couples I know a few places..”
We walked for almost an hour until the cliff. There we crawled into the bushes and looked down. On the sandy areas between the rocks we saw in two different places couples who smooch and touching. A man pulled down the trunks. His girlfriend took his cock in her mouth and sucked it. I was very horny.

The other woman was sitting on the man and peed through her bikini on his chest.
The first pair put on each other so that they could continue to suck him and he licked her pussy.
The first woman presented to her knees and arms, stretched her naked ass up and let him fuck from behind.

I had to pee but did not want to miss this sight. I lay there and pissed in my pants. Only afterwards I thought that not only the trunks, but my shorts were wet, which could be seen clearly.
“Shit,” I whispered to Alex, “I pissed in the pants.”
“Me too,” Alex said, grinning.

Down the coast fucked now both pairs. We jerked each other. Our bright shorts looked bad. Clearly saw that we had wetting the pants.
The couple rested briefly, then they changed partners. They rubbed the cocks of their partners hard. The one crouched over the man, impaled on his staff and fucked him. The other pulled her legs up to his shoulders and was fucking in this position.

We were horny again. I turned to the side, pulled the cock out and jerked. At the same time I felt that I had to poop.

Down significantly to hear the sounds of orgasms. The next moment my ass opened and a warm mass began to fill my pants. I pushed a large load in the trunks from which they squeezed out below. I moaned and squirted.

Alex whispered: “Down there who must have crapped. It stinks up here..”
I said, “No, I am.”
He looked at my pants and saw the bulge and the shit that came out of my trouser legs.
“You have shit in the pants!”
I nodded. He touched the bulge in my pants and jerked.

The couple left the beach. We crawled out of our hiding and looked at us.
Alex bright shorts were wet from the crotch to the belly. Mine too, but But my pants had a bump that was slowly brown and from the trouser leg comes came brown mass.

We were looking at the beach a solitary place, where we could clean ourselves.
Alex said: “I have to poop now!”

He leaned slightly forward, his hands on his knees and pressed. Rattling and crackling his bowel emptied. In his pants a mighty bump arose because he shat a solid bunch. When he was done, we went fully clothed into the water and tried to clean our trunks and pants.

Aunt Grete presented still found that we had crapped in my pants and I told her about our experience. She did not scold, but listened with interest to, was even excited and quickly went to the bathroom.
In bed we talked about our experiences, wanking and peeing in our pajamas.

To be continued

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