my college poop friend (pt. 2)

I met up with my new partner-in-poop at the library after exchanging a few texts. He sent me a pic of himself beforehand and i returned the favor. His name was Ethan. He was my same age and incredibly cute, with boyish glasses, thick brown hair and a soft and geeky (but not scrawny) demeanor about him. We talked a little about what we liked, we were both gay and had been pants pooping for a while. He said he liked doing it in public often and never got caught.

We met up on the third floor in front of a bathroom he told me about. He was just sitting hanging out at a desk nearby. He saw me, locked eyes and gave a head nod towards the bathroom door, to say ‘let’s go in.’ I was nervous and scared about what was going to happen. I almost regretted doing this, thinking we would get caught and be humiliated. I was betting on my poop buddy knowing what he was doing.

The bathroom was designed like the first one, with a few urinals and sinks upon and entering, but this one had just one stall at the end of a narrow brick hallway to the right. Still public but mostly secluded. We went into the stall and I could see and feel the horniness raging through Ethan almost immediately. He wasted no time. He put a hand on my shoulder sat me down on the toilet. Standing up, he turned around, and pulled down his jeans, revealing a really nice bum clad in green hanes boxer briefs right in front of my face.

“Are you ready for me to poop now?” he whispered in a cute, candid politeness. “Yeah,” I replied lowly, fixated on his butt. Someone came into the bathroom — i panicked at first, but they didn’t come for the stall. “Are you sure about this?” I whispered up to him as tapwater began to run at the other end of the bathroom. “About what?” he turned his head and said smiling sarcastically, suddenly becoming devious. He started pooping, looking back at me the whole time. There was a gassy release of a hissy fart followed by a very sizable, crackly wet bulge, the size of a softball, in this boy’s briefs. I was awestruck. He obviously loved that I was loving this. He put his poopy undies-clad ass closer towards me in my face, and pushed my face into the mess. “Smell my shit,” he whispered in a husky tone. “Smell it, shit-lover.” I obliged, taking in deep whiffs the dirty aroma and putting my hands on his hips, pulling his ass into my face. He pulled off and chuckled while looking down at the seat of his undies, now thoroughly brown. “Jeeeeeeez, shit-lover” he said, no longer whispering now that the bathroom was clear of people. “You really enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

“You stink,” I replied huskily, rubbing the mess more into his bum, in a trance.

“Your turn” he said like i had no say in the matter. He moved aside and thumbed backwards, prompting me to get up. We swapped positions, him sitting in his mess on the toilet seat , me pulling my pants down in front of his face, revealing a stained pair of tighty whities I use for poopy occasions (although never before with a friend). The dump was heavenly, a perfect stress reliever. I didn’t fart but it was a poop that felt like it lasted forever, the crackling going on for a good 30 seconds. Ethan of course loved it and was entranced like me. Someone came into the bathroom again while I was mid-poop, and we both smiled at each other devilishly, knowing a poor soul in the urinals was being subjected to our smells as the seat of my undies was expanding with warm wet poop. After I finished I put my hand on my load and gave it a pat, proud of my product, moving my hand aside so Ethan could rub the seat of my undies, massaging the poop into my butt. He put his face in for a whiff.

“Does it stink?” I asked teasing, after the bathroom was clear.

“It smells like shit” he said huskily, taking in the scent, his voice muffled by my bubble ass. We both couldn’t resist each other soon after. He stood up, pants down, and started making out with me. We rubbed each other’s poopy butts all the while. I came in my briefs during the embrace. We cleaned up, left the bathroom our separate ways, and knew wordlessly that we would meet again.

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