my college poop friend (pt. 1)

I was 19 when I met my first and only poop friend in college. The bathroom was in the library. When you entered you had to either go straight, where the urinals and sinks were, or turn right into a fairly secluded section of the bathroom where two stalls were located.

One late afternoon, I sat down on my throne to await the impending pants poopers, just to hear and smell their loads. It was a good spot but not a lot of people came in and out. One had dropped trou and left quickly after dumping pretty quietly, nothing unusual. Another guy came into the next stall and started farting immediately. They were thick, poopy farts and I was excited for him to unload in the toilet. But he wouldn’t. I didn’t hear him drop trou or see him sit down from my vantage point. I instead heard the unmistakeable crackling sound of poo entering his pants. At first I did a double take. Did I really hear what I was hearing? I definitely smelled it. It was thick and hung in the air. I was rock hard and my heart raced.
I then heard him pull down his pants, and sit down on the toilet. I faintly saw the load of his poop in his pulled-down undies and the smell got stronger. He started masturbating. He was trying to be quiet like me but I heard his low panting. He couldn’t control himself. I’m guessing he got off on the publicness of his deed. Then, when he was finished, he opened a backpack and pulled out what smelled like baby wipes and cleaned himself up, standing up. I couldn’t help but fap. When he left the stall, I went into it and found that the daring pants pooper left behind his poopy red Hanes boxer-briefs.

I waited in that far stall for days for the horny pants pooper to return. I did eventually see him (rather, hear and smell him!) again, same time of day. I knew it was him when I heard him drop his backpack, stay still and standing, and let out some pre-dump farts and grunts. My impulse was to join him. I was saving some farts and poop up and I let a fart go, it was really loud. I put my feet kinda under his stall to show I knew what was up and that I was joining in. I started pooping first, a decent sized one that was definitely smelly and audible but not my proudest. But it was such a relieving and hot feeling knowing another boy was smelling my load, and probably enjoying it, i almost came in my pants. He didn’t move the whole time, maybe out of shock and surprise, but he did reply with a big pants poop of his own, sounding wet and loud. Our little corner of the bathroom was now extremely smelly. Luckily nobody had come in to hear us fapping our dicks off, groaning and really loving that we just did something very dirty together. I heard him let out a low “awwww man, yeah” as he came, making me release very soon after.

“Hey,” he whispered, breaking an awkward but hot silence. “So you like poop?” He sounded cute and asked so innocently. I whispered back, still a bit stunned, “yeah.” My mind was racing and my dick throbbing. “That was fun” i added. “Yeah man” he replied. His candor and confidence sounded like he’d done this before with another guy. He slid some baby wipes under the stall for me and we both cleaned up, leaving behind our messes (I didn’t bring a change of undies and it wasn’t a fun walk back to my apartment on campus). He also tore off a piece of paper and wrote down his number, sliding it to me. You can probably figure out that we met up again.

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  1. This is my all time hottest fantasy. When I was in graduate school, I used to go to a remote men’s room. On occasion, a guy would come into the stall next to me and set a down a paper bag. He would remove his shoes and take is pants off. I am sure he then shit in his briefs and replaced them with the backup he had in the paper bag. I never got up enough courage to peek under the stall but I got off just thinking about it.

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