My closet diaper friend

We all have one friend who hides something that you can relate to…diapers!

My friend invited me to their new home near us…well he is known to be the popular guy in school and a lot of people like him so much.
He invited me on a sleepover and we talk a lot of stuff but we miss something,we miss drinking beer so we decided to go out and buy some.
While we’re on the store,i saw his face…turned pale and cold sweats suddenly appeared. I asked him is there any problem and he replied ” I’m okay don’t worry,bro”
While on the way back to their house i saw the back of his pants,he’s wet. First i thought it’s the design of his pants but i was wrong until i smell something bad,i ignore it right way because he will tell me something important..
He said that he accidentally pooped his “goodnites” and soaked it. I was shocked that a guy…like him…popular guy like him will be an “adult baby”
He said if it’s okay and i replied yes because im just like you
im very jealous of him because he got a lot of stuck of Goodnites…damn
He even change his own diaper and i ask if i can get some Goodnites
best sleepover so far
we woke up so soggy in the morning
too bad that i forgot my camera to take some pictures and post it here

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  2. you should do it again and have your camera i cant imagine how a popular guy wears goodnites they are a good hit thats an amazing friend to have it sounds so amazing try to add mores stories too…

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