my chid memris

this all started 4 yers ago i was in 4th grade at the time i was 10 year old

i wetting my jeans alote love the feel of it an ilove seeing the pee spot omy jeans

get biger an biger an i flood my briefs to an today i still love do it


part 2.  3 year ago i was in 7th grade  i was 11 year old i remebert i

hade the runs really bad for a week   an i just got home when it happen

i filled my black boxerbirefs it was  a big mess stll it was fun


part 3  i was still 11 but i found a box of diaper so i thot i try it

it was fun i poop in it a little bit an peed in it too an hade some

free time i would play in them too  i love being diaper boy

i still do all of those thinks today i injoy every bit of it

that my story


by cody

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  1. hello Cody

    when I was about 10 or 11 I did the same. I used to wet and poop and loved it. One day on way back from school I had to pee and thought I could wait until I got home. Wrong, when I was on the stairs in my apartment I was desperate and just could not hold it and let it out. That was the start of all this wetting and pooping. I loved it

    thanks for the story Cody

  2. I want in on the Fun! Let’s be Friends and have some fun together!!!

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