My broken arm

When I was about 15 I fell out of a tree which broke my right arm. This made doing certain things a bit awkward. My mum or sister would help dress me if I needed some help.

I was an avid pants pooper and an exhibitionist. I went into town needing to poop, and headed to the public toilets. I thought about having an accident and asking for help, then I spotted a really attractive older lady, probably in her 40’s. We were the only people around at the time, I went over to her and asked if she could help me as I needed to go to the toilet. She simply took me by the hand and said, that I would have to go into the ladies.
She took me into a cubicle and bp unzipped my jeans and began to feel for my willie, then I said that I needed a poo. She dropped my jeans and pants to my knees and I sat on the toilet and did a big poo. She stood me up,and wiped my bottom. 
I has a realy erect penis and needed a wank. I wondered if I should ask her to do it for me. I was a bit nervouse but all I could say was ‘I want a wank’ . To my surpise she took my left hand and placed it on her breast and then gave me hand job.
I spurted my load right across to the door of the cubicle. She cleaned my penis and pulled my jeans up, opened the door and I never saw her again.

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