My Boyfriend Missed Out

It was just past midnight, and I was waiting for my boyfriend to get home. I had held in a shit now for 2 days. I was waiting patiently, until the phone rang about 1 a.m. My Boyfriend got stuck at work and told me he had to work at least another 4 hours. I didn’t think I could hold off for another 4 hours. I decided to relax and watch a movie. The time was now 3:30 a.m. I was getting serious cramps now. I got off the couch and made myself a strong cup of coffee. The cramps were hitting me like every 3 minutes, and I knew I couldn’t hold out anymore. I said to myself ” Well, if my baby can’t make it in time, I’m gonna grab this one on cam just for him ” Cramps were getting bad !! I put on my undies and set the cam up. Why not send it to poopeelife while I’m at it. I bent over the couch and I let a solid shit just roll into my undies. I’m glad it was so quiet, because the crackle that came from my ass sounded awesome ( I had headphones on and the sound was in stereo ).. It felt so good coming out of my ass, I just couldn’t help but let the piss flow all over the floor. You could actually hear me moaning on the video. After I peed all over the floor I had such a raging hard on. I didn’t even touch my cock with my hand, and I shot a load in my undies mixed with piss and shit !!! Glad I covered my computer chair with a plastic bag !! I sat in the chair and squished the shit all over my ass and balls. I was so proud of myself !!! I am so glad my boyfriend is going to watch this video when he gets home.. I’m gonna have to let you all know what he does to me when he sees this video !!! Till next time my friends, I hope you all get to enjoy the video as much as I did making it !!!! Love Poopeelife !!!

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