My Boyfriend Can’t Handle Getting Drunk

Jay and I have been going out for over a year.. We have grown very close in the short time we have been friends.. I told him about my diaper fetish and th pooping my pants thing and he was very supportive,, but really not into it. He was married a few years and divorced,, and he had a son about five years old.. That kid was awesome.. Jay love to drink beer but was not much of a liquor person.. I loved mixed drinks and often made them on weekends.. Jay was off the following weekend so he made plans to stay over my house which I had no problem with. The weekend started off great , we went to see a free concert down at Jones beach and had a blast there.. Driving out there was out of the question, so we had taken public transportation. Jay drank a few beers and he was fine.I drink beer like it’s water so I had no problem. I live maybe three blocks from the train station, and the day was so nice we decided to take the scenic way home through Pelham park. We sat for a while in the park enjoying the sights, and talking. Jay told me he had to pee and I told him to go behind a tree, he was wearing shorts anyway.. Jay went did his business and came back and sat next to me and I noticed he had a wet spot on his crotch… I laughed and said “you put your cock away too soon and wet your shorts”. Jay looked down and turned red with embarrassment . “Don’t worry we aren’t too far away from the house” I told him. We started towards the house and made it home in no time.. I made some hot dogs and burgers on the grill and we had a case of beer in the fridge which Jay didn’t waste time attacking. I made a few daiquiris and Jay drank a few with me.
I for a fact know that he can’t handle his liquor so I kept an eye on him. He was downing them like water and I knew he would get sick if he kept it up.. Jay knows I care for him deeply and gets very arrogant when he drinks liquor. I knew he was getting to that point where any second hes going to puke. Jay got up off the couch and started making a mad dash to the bathroom and I know he had to puke.. I followed him there because I know he will miss the toilet and make a mess.. I stood behind him and held his long curly hair so he wouldn’t get vomit all over his hair… he was convulsing badly and puking up his guts.. he was still wearing his shorts and I know him as usual he goes commando… he farted and a stream of shit hit me in the shin.. I couldn’t believe it he was shitting and puking and had no control over it… I for one didn’t mind because I have been a shit lover since I was a teen.. he was crying and was hugging me and apologizing all at the same time and I told him not to worry… I turned on the shower and undressed him and cleaned him up.. I didn’t stick my finger in his ass and clean his ass too good on purpose.. Jay had a raging hard on even though he was drunk. I carried him to bed and laid him down.. he still had a raging hard on.. I had been in the shower with him so I cleaned off my shin and did a quick clean up on the floor.. I immediately took his cock into my mouth and started giving him the best blow job he has gotten in a while.. I can tell he was loving it because he was moaning so loud..I started fingering his asshole and I could feel the remnants of his shit earlier.. I took my finger out and sucked on it like a lollipop.. His ass and shit tasted so good.. I turned him over on his belly and I buried my tongue deep in his asshole and made him squirm all over the bed.. Needless to say I sucked whatever shit was left in him and made a feast of it.. I knew he was getting close the that point of no return, and I buried my cock into his puckered asshole.. no sooner did I get my cock in him I felt a little squirt of diarrhea hit my balls !!! It felt so fucken hot i didn’t have a chance.. I came inside of him so hard because it turned me on so much to have him shit on my cock I was just bucking away.. Jay felt me cumming and he shot his load all over the bed.. While I still had the energy I ate Jays ass out with my cum and diarrhea all together !!!We fell asleep in each others arms for about three hours.. Jay was still groggy when he awoke and looked at me and said his ass felt so good and kissed me deeply… I told him everything that happened and he was totally in awe.. ” From now on I am going to shit in your mouth every time I get drunk” he said.. I told him ” what took you so long ” ? Jay just burst out laughing and we laid back in bed and made love for another hour and passed out in a heap… I just hope that Jay remembers how much I love his tasty ass full of shit and doesn’t wipe !!

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