My Best Friend’s Brother, Part 2

To say Barry was big would be an understatement. He was 6’ 6” tall and weighed in at a massive 430 pounds. I knew Barry and had even sucked him off several times. He would invite me over to his place where I would find him “sleeping” on his belly, and I would proceed to sniff and lick his amazing giant stinky ass before rolling him over and stuffing his prick down my throat. But I never suspected he liked dirty play. Hell, he even knew I was an ABDL and he never mentioned it to me.

His face turned from a sniff of the air into a crooked smile. He stood still for a moment, and in the silence of the room I heard the unmistakable sound of defecation. He winced and doubled over as he lost control, unable to stop his ass from expelling his load. As he started to flood the front of his pants, he moved closer to Steven and myself, who were rubbing out shit-smeared cocks. Barry’s shit started seeping down his tree-trunk legs, past his knees and into his socks. Some of it plopped to the floor as he walked forward, still shitting himself uncontrollably.

I reached for the button on his shorts ad freed his leaking uncut dick, and was rewarded with a renewed spray of hot piss across my face and chest. Steven pulled me by my hips back into his lap as Barry penetrated my lips, and as his pee flowed down my throat, I felt him strain again. The pee flow stopped momentarily, but a sound like rain began to hit the hardwood floor by my feet. I felt warm runny shit splatter down me and Steven’s lower legs onto our already ruined socks, and much of it ended up all over the floor.

The burning stink wafted between Barry’s fat thighs as I slid his shorts off. He hadn’t been wearing any underwear, no wonder his load wasn’t contained. Steven went behind him and pushed his greedy fat face into Barry’s wide ass, snaking his tongue up into his fetid hole, while I drank the last remnants of his urine. As I finished I looked up at him, and our eyes locked. I loved this man. I would worship this man. He could have me, and after several moments of lust-filled adoration, that’s exactly what he did.

Steven pulled off of his ass and Barry laid me down on the floor into his stinking shit-pile. Steven sat his ripe filthy bottom on my upper chest, forcing his dirty ass into my face. I’m not much of a shit-eater but this was so goddamned dirty and hot, I didn’t care anymore. Steven grabbed my legs and held my ankles, exposing my asshole to Barry. Barry pushed out the last of his soft load into his hand and smeared it on my willing hole. As he pushed his thick cock into me I cried out in pain, but it was muffled by Steven’s fat ass. I felt Steven pushing out a few last drops of crap onto my neck and chin, felt him tinkling over my balls and down to where Barry was shit-fucking me. He fucked me gently, which surprised me. Slow and long strokes, feeling every sensation of his shit-lubed dick sliding in and out of me. I heard the surping sound of two chubby faces making out above me. For 15 minutes Barry kept the same pace, pausing only to scoop some shit off of the chair for fresh lube. Mine, Stevens, didn’t know whose shit it was, I only knew that I was being shit-bred twice in one day by two huge fat fucks. I moaned and whimpered into Steven’s cheeks and started cumming again, I hadn’t even touched myself. I was nearly out of semen at this point, and the orgasm hurt. The sight of my twitching rod made Steven cum too, as he huffed on my socked feet. I felt his wetness on my lower belly. Barry picked up his pace shortly thereafter and within a few more seconds, I could feel his cock pulsing easily 10 times, long intervals. I could feel his jizz filling me up. As he pulled out, I could feel his cum running down my asscrack, leavinga marbled brown and pearlescent puddle on the floor. I knew from blowing Barry that his loads were huge, but this was the biggest yet.

The three of us disentangled and lay in a giant smelly pile on the floor. I dozed off slightly under Barry’s armpit as Steven cuddled up behind me. Cleanup was gonna suck for this one, but damn, it’s one for the ages.

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