My Best Friend’s Brother, Part 1

Ever since I found out that my best friend’s brother is a total shit pig, I’ve been in a constant state of semi-arousal. I didn’t see him much. He worked odd hours as a truck driver and we had nothing in common except a love for shitting our pants. But how? How do I break the nice on this one? “Hey Steve, hear you like to shit yourself, so do I, wanna party?” I don’t think that would go over well.

Randy eventually warmed up to me again and we even joked about the night. He began being a bit more flirtatious with me but nothing that would indicate he wanted to cross over. He became somewhat eager to offer me his various smells, knowing it would turn me on. One night he had a particularly brutal case of swamp ass and he dug his hand into his asscrack and held it under my nose. As I huffed he dug his other hand in for a second dose and this time he rubbed the tip of my nose and upper lip. I got to smell him all the way home. Socks were never an issue as long as I replaced the ones he gave me. I’d have him wear a pair for a few days and then he’d give them to me straight off of his steaming fat chub feet. Alas, we never got back to the shitting part, and I was okay with it. Hey, it happened once and I was lucky.

My mind had turned to Randy’s younger brother Steven, though. His beautiful and soft pudgy rear end occupied my fantasies, and one day, I decided to test the waters. We ran into each other one day at a store and began to bullshit, and I eventually steered the conversation around to “How do you go to the bathroom when you’re on a long haul”. I know he could piss in a jug but what about poo? Of course he gave me the straight and narrow answer- truck stops, holding it, side of road sometimes. I made up a story about driving to some far away place and not making it. I didn’t go into explicit details, but I said that once the embarrassment passed it wasn’t so bad, and I was able to finish the drive. He smiled. I had him.

“Oh yeah, that’s happened a couple times”. Smile smile smile…

After that we began to talk more often and even hang on days off. He liked sports so we would watch a game now and then. I couldn’t care less about sports, but Steven was the kind of guy who sat around in just boxers and socks with a beer, feet up in a recliner with his hands on his big reddish paunch. Sometimes I could see brown stains on his boxers, he didn’t wipe too well. Then, one day, I joined him in partial nudity. I had tightie whities on and socks I’d been wearing for a week- Randy’s socks that he wore for a week straight before I did. The skivvies I had on were at about 4 days and had a nice sweet sweaty aroma and a mild stain in the back- I hadn’t shit for three days and I was bursting.

Steven sat in his leather recliner in white boxer briefs, feet down, his legs spread as wide as the arms would allow, the fabric of the underwear taut against his thick limbs, his 350+ pound bulk making a permanent impression on the chair. He looked at me from across the room and smiled.

“What”? I said.

“Gotta shit”, He replied.

“So go to the bathroom then”, I dared.

His legs seemed to stiffen a bit and I heard this rushing, sort of flatulent sound. His face turned red. The sound was continuous… 10 seconds, 15… 20. I saw the brown stewy mess erupt from his inner thigh areas on both legs and the smell hit me like a hammer. As he exhaled, a languid flow of yellow pee soaked the front of his undies. He fished out his short fat knob and pointed it at his chest, hosing himself down, rivers of warm piss coursing down his enormous gut. I smiled at him and walked over to the chair, he cut off the stream.

“I’m not done”, he said.

“I hope not”, I countered.

Steven stood up and I was impressed. A substantial pile still remained in his pants but a lot had escaped from the legs and waistband, and a significant amount was plastered on the chair. I sat down in his mess and squirmed gleefully. He turned towards me and resumed pissing. I reveled as the hot stream washed over my face and chest, soaking into my briefs. I didn’t even have to push, I just unclenched and my bowels started surging. As his stream subsided I grabbed his hips and guided his stubby uncut cock and took him into my mouth. I relaxed my lower body and just let three days’ worth of waste pile up in the seat of my pants. Eventually the flow became softer and began to work its way up and over my dick and out of my underwear, mixing with Steven’s mess.

Steven took my mouth off of him and turned around, pulled down his wrecked underwear. Wow, what a deep asscrack. I’d never seen one so deep. Randy had a big ass but it was hard, muscular. Steven’s was soft and chubby, the kind you want to eat for hours. He reached back and spread his shit-caked ass cheeks and I could see his hole, winking at me through the stinky brown mess. I backed up and just in time, his hole opened and a think pasty stream of burning crap splattered against my belly and ran down into the front of my briefs. Before I could even react, another more runny load followed, this one lasting twice as long. He turned to me and began rubbing it all over my stomach and legs and I damn near came. I decided he wasn’t gonna have the last word so I stood and made him sit in the chair, in both of our messes.

I shimmied my briefs down just enough to expose my hole, and backed myself right up over his dick. Then I let loose a small load of soft shit onto his cock, and then sat right on it. Not fully, just enough to get the head in. I lifted slightly and pushed out some more poo, then sat a little lower. I repeated this four or five times till I had sunken all the way down, the sound of him fucking me through a pile of shit was driving me mad. Soon he regained focus and grabbed my hips, almost like he would if I were a girl. I pushed out more shit with every thrust, and within minutes his fat jiggly legs started heaving. He pushed into me and held and I felt his throbbing member pulse nine or ten times.

As he gently pulled out, much of his huge cum load dripped out onto him, but that was not enough. I made one final push- slow and controlled, and a nice softball-sized ribbon mound flowed out all over his gut and genitals. I straddled him, facing him, and pulled my load over both our cocks. I jerked us both, and while he did not cum a second time, I shot ropes of jizz onto both of us.

And that is when his best friend Barry walked into the room.

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