My Best Friend, Part 7

Randy slid into me easily. After all, he fucks me every morning before he changes my diaper. His belly rested on my balls, which had a fresh coat of my overnight shit. I could see the mess sliding up further onto his gut as he thrust into me. He held my legs in the air by my ankles. Using long strokes, pulling almost out of me entirely before pushing back in, over and over. His prodding pushing my prostate into my aching bladder. Pee started to dribble out of me with each poke, and soon it was flowing free, drenching both of our chests. Randy dipped his face into my stream and smiled at me devilishly.

What had I done to him?

A year and a half had gone by and his wife had not returned. She kept the kids and flied for divorce. It was nothing Randy had done, she had met someone else and fallen for her. All this time, he had never known his wife was bisexual… but he never figured that he was either. Randy fell apart in the weeks to follow. I helped build him back up.

Naturally he felt guilty because of his new love of messy fatdudesex, but over time he became more comfortable with it. I moved in with him when he was at his worst so he got used to my adult baby life. He eventually joined in, playing Daddy on occasion. He was good at it. Great at it.

One night he came home from work. His shorts were soaked in front. He looked at me and just unloaded his bowels. The smell was instantly thick and gobs of warm, brown shit slowly fell down his meaty legs. He sat down next to me on the couch, mess and all.

I looked up at him, surprised. It had been months since our last encounter. He just opened his fly and pulled out his piss-wet rod and looked at me. I was on it in a flash, sucking him for all I was worth as he squirmed in his mess and spunked in my mouth. We slept on that couch that night. He in his shitty shorts and me in my wet diaper. The next day we moved into the same bedroom.

Things went back to where they were, more or less. Randy began giving me his dirty, reeking socks and we resumed our messy games. At his request we even had Big Barry come over for some fun. Barry was a pretty hardcore top and Randy wanted to try bottoming, so I got to watch as Barry fucked Randy’s hole in our bed while shitting all over the place. Watching that enormous fat ass expel four pounds of explosive soft waste as he fucked my friend was intense. I was in Little Mode so I sat there in my own shit-filled diaper, my cock locked in a casting cage and buried in my own feces, inside a locked crib… was too much anyway. I made stickies without ever touching myself, and Randy then fucked me on the messy bed, with me belly-down in Barry’s filth.

My reminiscing ended as Randy had paused. He was now pissing inside of me. He sometimes did that before he put a fresh diaper on me. He forced me to hold it while he cleaned me up and put me in a clean Dry 24/7. Before he taped up the front, he squatted over me and pushed out five thick, creamy, steaming logs all over my balls and cock. He then moved up and fucked my face, trailing a line of shit up my torso and Cummings down my throat. Then he wrapped me up in the diaper, put me in plastic pants and a onesie, and sat me in front of the TV.

“Daddy Sock-Sock, tay!”. I realize it came from my mouth. I was holding my arms up to him.

He hugged me and sat me down on the couch and put cartoons on, then put my paci in my mouth.

“It’s okay little guy, I’ll be back in a bit. Daddy Sock-Sock has to work, but your Uncle Stinky Steve will be here soon.”

I smiled and let his piss flow out of my ass as I cooed in delight. Unclr Stinky Steve was going to have lots of brown stuff for me to play in, he always did!!

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