My Best Friend, Part 4

When I sat in my car, shit went everywhere. I felt the massive double-load smush into every nook and crevice of my chubby ass. Some of it oozed over my sides. A good amount leaked out of the crotch and smeared all over my fat inner thighs. My steel-hard cock was fully submerged in my best friend’s excrement and as the mass flowed over it, I began to shoot volley after volley of cum into my fully-wrecked diaper. The windows were up, Randy’s tail lights were in the distance.

I yelled out ‘fuck’ about a dozen times. The stink inside my car was thick but not unpleasant. As I pushed and let loose, my cum stream seemed to re-energize, and my ass exploded with a sizeable torrent of almost-diarrhea. The new wave of runny shit washed up over my aching prick and triggered a second orgasm. My hips bucked hard as the poo blasted out of every part of the diaper not nailed shut. More flooded into my shorts legs, up over the back and front of the diaper into my pants. I just couldn’t stop, so it seemed.

Eventually, it did, though, and I sat in my car panting, sweating, drooling, and murmuring to myself. My Daddy Sock-Sock shit on me, and he seemed to like it. I drove home in stench and silence just trying to grasp what had happened. How does one react when their deepest sexual fantasy spontaneously comes true?
My phone flashed, shaking me out of my sexual stupor.

Josh. All 320 pounds of him. Laying on his couch with his dick in hand, dirty socks on his feet. Askng me if I want some. I’d been blowing Josh for a couple years now and occasionally eating his delicious dirty ass, but I was in quite a state. I messaged him back, telling him I was very messy. He knows I am into shit, but hasnt gotten the nerve to try it fully with me yet. He reploed with a ‘LOL’, so I texted him a picture of my shorts that were not doing a good job of containing the mess. Normally this is where he taps out, but tonight, he replied.

Come over.

I changed course and within ten minutes I was in his driveway, a nice, secluded place where lots of trees sheltered his home from the country road it was on.

“Damn, you reek, man!” he said as I approached.

“You used to work for a porto-potty place, you have to be immune to the smell”, I replied.

“Nah, been a while, but I kinda like it. I always jerk off when I shit.”, he said.

I shot back, “Or call me over to blow you while you’re on the hopper’.

He chuckled and I went to my knees, pulled down his black nylon shorts. He was wearing no underwear and he stank of unshowered fat ass. His swampy fragrance wafted between his chub-rubbed legs and his cock tasted salty, smelled of cum and piss. I drew his quickly-hardening member into my mouth and swallowed to the root and slipped my finger into his damp, sticky crack. His ass offered no resistance as it was unwiped and lubed with his shit. He threw his head back and moaned as my tongue swirled around his head, inside his loose skin. He farted softly as I withrew my finger, and I backed off his dick and inhaled his scent. Different than me or Randy. My shit was dark and earthy tonight, Randy’s was light and buttery. Josh’s shit was reddish in hue and strong, almost peppery. I slipped in again, realizing his ass was open and his plug of crap was waiting to come out.

“You have to go… where do you want to put it?”, I asked him.

He said nothing, and pushed my head back onto his cock. Within seconds the crap washed over my hand, filling it, covering my wrist… then my forearm. I began to smear his ass cheeks and his legs. When I ran out I put my hand back, and when he refilled it, I smeared him all over his heaving belly. He began to piss, and I backed off, letting his hot flow soak my face and shirt. I began to pee too, putting even more strain on my bolated shitty mess of a diaper.

Josh stood me up and took me over to his patio table and bent me over. He pulled down my shorts and diaper just enough to sink his rod into my shit-filled asscrack. Eventually he found my hole and slipped inside. I rubbed the remnants of his shit all over my own belly, mixing it with Randy’s shit and my own. Josh softly grabbed my love handles and slowly, deliberately made love to my fat dirty ass. He didn’t pound me hard, but instead fucked me with slow, well-paced strokes, deep-dicking me good. The last of my shit slobbed onto his dick but you couldn’t tell by looking. I could just feel it as it dribbled out of my well-fucked hole. My prostate sent me into a third orgasm which actually hurt, barely any semen came out, but Josh, on the other hand, never broke pace. I felt his cock swell and pulse and I knew he was cumming inside of me. His first shitfuck and he fired easily 7 or 8 thick shots of hot jizz right up my dirty fuckhole.

I collapsed on his table. uck, I needed a change and a cleanup, but this was a night I didn’t want to end. I pulled up my diaper and headed back to my car, but before I left, Josh handed me a bag containing a very smelly pair of white ankle socks.

“14 days, just like you wanted”.

I thanked him, tossed the bag on the passenger seat, and headed towards home.

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