My Best Friend, Part 2

…until one day our joking around took a more serious turn, I can tell when a guy is making innocent shit references or just acting like a little boy and farting in my general direction, but a few weeks ago, he started telling me in detail about things that he knew would turn my crank.

It began as we were leaving the Wal-Mart (going there after work is a nightly ritual). Just as we’re about to part ways, he tells me that he should have bought some new socks, because the ones he had on were two days and counting. It was all I could do to not rush in and buy them just so I could keep the ones he had on now, but I kept my composure, even as he told me how they felt sticky and warm. On a previous occasion, he admitted that he liked his wife’s feet in socks, and how she had given him a sockjob before. I groaned inside wondering what those warm, wet, pungent socked feet would feel caressing my rod, one foot tickling the base, the other with toes curled around my head, rubbing slowly and inexorably until cum squirted all over those smelly,chubby feet… but on the outside, I listened as a friend would, recalling stories about my own long-distance sock escapades. It’s funny, I’m so obsessed with his socky feet that I’ve nicknamed him Sock-Sock, but that’s another story.

I got in my car, horned out of my mind. I had to jerk off and soon. He knows I like feet too, why did he torture me like that? He knows there’s no chance of us hooking up! I drove to one of my favorite secluded spots and turned off the car, leaned back and relaxed, and let the torrent of warm piss flood my diaper. I sighed in relief as the padding grew thick, absorbing my pee, traveling underneath my balls and pooling underneath my fat ass. As the flow diminished I put in my binky and though about my Sock-Sock gently stroking my head. I regressed into little-space, imagining him being my daddy… Come on, Kyle, make poo for daddy… that’s it kiddo, just relax…

Sure enough, my hole opened up and a slow, oozing flow of soft shit gently filled the seat of my diapered bottom,

Good boy, Kyle, make sure you get it all before I change you.

I cooed gently in Daddy Sock-Sock’s loving arms as he brought one of his two-day old socks to my nose. I inhaled and pushed, and the last of my semi-loose shit-load shot up under my balls to the base of my dick. I rubbed myself furiously through my diaper, spreading the mess all over my front side, my bald little fat pad now coated in poo. I didn’t last long. Tendrils of hot cum fired into my diaper as my legs kicked, feet twitching in pure filthy bliss…

My breathing slowed to normal and I came down off my high. My car stunk, but the diaper did well, holding in my large amount of waste. I drove home in my wet and stinking mess and showered, and went to bed on a cloud.

If only one day that would be true, and not a fantasy… ?

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