My Best Friend- A Black Male

My Best Friend- A Black Male

I resemble Black males in some ways. I have a deep, round, curvy, bubble butt and am incredibly strong in that part of my anatomy. I can press the front end of a car with my feet. My thighs are 28” and solid muscle. My waist is bigger now that I’m older, at 42”

My chest and arms are OK. Chest is 54” and arms 18” around the biceps.

But my penis barely surpasses seven inches erect, and I am considered “large” for white males. I measure from the pubic bone along the top. My girth is also large for white males, at 6.0 inches.

But the Black male penis lives up to its reputation. There is a good reason why so many thugs collect “baby mamas.”

Since divorcing, I’ve sucked a lot of dicks. Enough to be familiar.

Three Black males I suck have ten inch penises measured from the pubic bone to tip along the top. Another is 9-1/2 inches. A Mulatto male has 8.5 inches. Each has a penis girth of seven to eight inches.

I’ve sucked a few smaller Black males too. A smaller Black male has a penis six to seven inches in length, five to six inches in girth.

I was fucked by two Black males. The first was a chubby guy with the smallest Black penis I have yet seen- six inches long, 5.5 inches in girth. He had a hard time penetrating my anus because I was virgin and very tight. The second was by a nine inch penis with a girth of almost seven inches. He too had a hard time penetrating because I am so tight. But the sensation of feeling his penis in my rectum was an experience I want again.

It didn’t hurt like I thought it would. Once he was inside me, I just relaxed and I could feel every inch of his penis penetrate deep inside my body. The rim of my anus felt every bump and large vein. Inside my rectum I could feel the sulcous rim around the head of his dick pushing the rectal wall and stretching it to fit the gigantic, vein-wrapped girth behind it. Then inside my rectum it was this sensation of being filled up. Different from constipation because his penis was more solid, firm, and with each stroke I felt it going “up the wrong way.” I can only imagine what it must feel like to pussy. The girl having her little clitoris ride along the bumpy, vein wrapped stallion, with the folds of her inner labia wrapped around the penis like little legs, holding on for dear life.

Inside she feels the glans and its curious little cantle-like sulcous rim massaging her G-spot, stretching it from her clitoris to the uterus. His penis pushes the entire uterine system backward so the orifice of her cervix gapes open, almost directly in the firing line of his straight shooting semen. Then the sulcous rim around the head wipes his semen across the cervical dome after it is ejaculated, forcing it into the dangerous certain-pregnancy hole, while removing the semen of a rival male that may still be in there. His big penis pushes the cervical dome backward, and up into her body, out of reach by the white male penis. So if he fucks the pussy, his smaller dick can’t reach and remove the Black man’s semen. The Black male’s penis makes her G-spot skene tissue fill with blood and become hard and erect, just like the male penis, only inside the vagina. Anyone who’s ever fucked a pussy and slipped a finger down there to feel knows how incredibly hard the pussy rim is just below the clitoris.

A Black male has such penis girth, it is not possible to slip a finger inside the pussy and feel the penis rub the vaginal wall. There is no room. From just the stimulation of penis, he makes her cum again and again, almost uncontrollably. She is quickly exhausted. But no matter how loose her pussy becomes, it is sufficiently tight around his penis to really be in control, and it milks the dick for the one thing it subconsciously wants more than anything else. His semen.

The Black male can fuck pussy from positions most white men can’t even reach. And his penis is so big, he can make the girl cum in those positions.

When she rides him, he on bottom and she on top, while she feels the eight or nine inch deep strokes of penis working in her crotch, she also offers him her grossly swollen, rock-hard nipples to nurse and suck.

The Black male has deep, thick, soft lips into which a lover can immerse and disappear. When they wrap around the dangling nipple of a female breast, it sexually excites the girl almost to the extent she could cum from that sensation alone. He offers her nipples to him, to suckle, almost as if in anticipation of what his penis is promising to deliver deep in her crotch.

She knows he’s baby-making, and throws away most sense of responsibility because she knows in his genes are the making of superior children. Mulatto boys often have the big penis of their father, and girls the cute, pixie-ish face, upturned nose and even the blue eyes of the mother… if she’s a white baby mama.

The first Black guy I sucked, Steve, had a nine inch penis, and he loved to kiss. I have never felt softer, more sensuous and tender lips on a man or woman. I could melt into them. We kissed for a long time, and then we turned 69 and he fed me his semen while I fed him mine. His penis was huge, and I could not take more than half before I choked and gagged. When he came in my mouth, the salty, bittersweet goo just oozed out of the pee hole everywhere in my mouth, overwhelming me. I had no choice but to swallow and it was by far the most semen ever to enter my stomach. It was hard to swallow with his big penis filling my mouth.

I am a heavy cummer, and I shot my load for him. I was really excited and gave him a lot of cum to play with and swallow. How I would have loved to follow my cum down his esophagus into his stomach, and curl up in there and wait for digestion! His belly was so damn hard and sexy, and his ass very curved and deep.

Black male semen is thick, gooey, salty, and like all semen varies in taste depending on what the male ate the previous day. Fruits and veggies make it sweeter, meats make it more bitter.

Black male urine has the same taste as white male urine. Salty, acrid, with a peculiar blandness the taste buds reject as having no nutritional value to the body. When swallowed, it makes the throat burn from the acrid acid, and the foamy bubbles which quickly develop in the stomach produce a sensation of nausea, and the belches it forces are weak, foamy, and full of the overwhelming flavor of the Black male urine.

I have not yet tasted Black male feces, except in the case of the chub who fucked me.

When I rimmed his anus, I tasted the usual saltiness from accumulation of perspiration in the butt crack. But there was another flavor in his rectum, and I recognized it from the experience of tasting my own feces.

It is a difficult taste to describe. First, it’s exceptionally bitter, but not the bitterness of urine or semen. This seems to totally lack nutritional value of any kind- so much so, response of the stomach is to wretch in effort to vomit, just from the taste. It resembles rancid automotive grease blended with unripe, pulverized fruit peel, except with all flavor and nutritional value from the pulpy fiber digested out of it. This is marinated in something like battery acid, and made sticky like peanut butter. These flavors are the remains of the chemical slaughter of food in the stomach, and then the abrupt change in gland secretions from the liver, pancreas, and gall bladder that flooded the food from ducts in the duodenum, which the small intestines then completely ravaged, leaving behind virtually nothing but indigestible plant fiber, mucus, and bacteria.

When I rimmed my friend’s anus, I tasted his feces inside. A few nuggets not yet ready for defecation. Their taste was immediately recognizable. But on one thrust of my tongue directly into the rectum-wrapped feces produced an intensely sweet flavor/ Sweet? In feces?

I learned artificial sweeteners are indigestible, and are passed on in the feces. The sweet taste buds in the tip of my tongue connected with a little mucus wrapped nugget with a concentration of undigested artificial sweetener.

Black male feces vary from yellowish to dark brown, depending on their texture. Looser feces are more yellowish, but those quickly turn brown once the feces is expelled from the body and begins to dry and cool.

When I was about age 15, Terry, Danny and I went down to the woods between two small lakes, to be boys. We planned to just hang out and mess around.

It became nasty and hot when I had to pee and Terry and Danny asked if they could watch. I didn’t mind. I unzipped my fly and exposed my penis. The urine shot from my pee hole and foamed on the soft mud where it splattered.

It wasn’t long before our clothes were all in the crook of a big willow tree. We were excited to see each other’s nudity, and especially the little differences in our penises. It wasn’t long before we had boners, and were comparing to see whose was biggest. Mine was bigger and thicker than theirs, but none of us understood what that meant, if anything.

Soon, Terry said he had to shit and asked if we wanted to watch. I never saw anyone shit before, and was curious.

Danny and I stood behind Terry, and he bent over and arched his back to expose his anus. It was a peculiar little slit about an inch long, vertically oriented, with muscle folded into a tight pucker. He grunted and pushed. I watched the perineal floor of his crotch bulge with internal pressure, and then the lips of his anus opened.

It seemed as if we could actually look inside his rectum for a moment, and see what was in there. The pink walls of mucous membrane looked delicate and fragile. In the middle slowly moving out toward the gaping rim of his anus was a turd.

It was repulsive, and intensely exciting. It was a dark, greenish brown log of constipated nuggets and chunks, wrapped in sheets of sick-looking yellowish brown mucus. Here and there a strand stretched across a fissure between two chunks. I felt a little sorry for the meal in his stomach, and what he did to it, to make it look that way. Neither of us got too close, to risk touching his turd and the infected bacterial contamination we thought might make it dangerous.

The blunt, leading end of the turd was pushed into the lips of his anus, which expanded into a yawning rim roughly circular, with an occasional glimpse of the pink inner rim wiping a last, glistening film of gooey, sticky mucus over the solidified remains of what he ate and digested. The rim of his anus deformed slightly as it wrapped around the chunks. The shape of each one was visible in the protruding rim of his anus, just before it emerged from his body into the light of day.

Danny and I both had rock-hard erections, and Terry’s penis was stiffening into a boner too.

It was the first time I ever really looked at a turd close up, and this one was so fresh, steam evaporated from it where it had emerged from his body. His round buttocks made it look erotic.

Danny suddenly got an idea and put his head down under the turd, with the intent of letting Terry shit on his hair. I pulled him away because his nickname, “Bonehead” reflected he wasn’t very smart.

The turd was about ten inches long, between two and three inches thick, and dropped to the damp ground a few feet from the edge of the water. It lay there steaming from the heat of his internal body.

A few weeks after that day, in English class, I was reading The Odyssey for the first time. When I read the chapter about the night in the cave with the Cyclops Polyphemus, I thought about the men the giant ate, and what would happen to them in his stomach. Homer briefly described it, when in his slumber, Polyphemus belched up chunks of human flesh.

Having seen Terry shit, I was not repulsed or horrified by the description and contemplation of it, but I was very sexually aroused. When the bell rang and I left class, I carried my books in front like a girl, to hide the huge bulge in my pants from my rock-hard, throbbing boner.

When I got home, I found a ruler and thinking about how repulsive Terry’s shit looked, and that would be Odysseus’ men after the Cyclops digested them, I measured myself.

My mother had a medical self-help encyclopedia, and after puberty I spent a lot of time reading and re reading the chapter about sex and reproduction. It said the erect male penis measures about nine inches in length. Holding the ruler against my pubic bone, my penis was only seven inches long. I kept masturbating to make it larger, thinking maybe it would reach that nine inch mark the encyclopedia said. I felt small and inferior.

I coaxed my penis to the eight inch mark by measuring it from the side, and could not seem to get it any bigger. I didn’t realize what I had until many years later, since the average White male penis is 5.5 inches long with a 4.5 inch girth.

But suddenly I felt nauseous in my belly. I felt like I was going to be sick. I panicked. Had I done something nasty and wrong, and was I about to be punished by God?

Then, without warning my penis began to throb. I ejaculated a rope of semen about two or three feet into the air, and it splattered on the glass of the sliding door leading from the kitchen out onto the patio. I never saw semen before, and suddenly I understood the “ice cream” jokes the other boys told. I didn’t shoot just once. My penis ejaculated again and again in the biggest cumshot I have ever seen anywhere from anyone. I don’t know how many times my penis convulsed- but it was at least a dozen before the intensity of the orgasm began to subside and the shots of semen then just oozed out the hole and dribbled onto the floor.

I had a huge mess to clean up. I was relieved too because I knew I wasn’t sterile. I was familiar with precum, but it was clear, not milky, and ice-cream-like.

Eventually I married, and fathered two children. I was always able to make my wife cum by stimulation from just my penis. But I loved to make love to her, and spent lots of time in foreplay and afterplay just worshiping her body.

I always had a fondness for looking at other men too. But not enough to act on. Was I homosexual? Besides, I would never cheat on my wife.

Actually in grad study, writing a thesis and dissertation, I explored orgasm because of the effect and influence it has on the brain, in stimulation of brain development. In the literature review I became aware of the fact all human beings are bisexual, with sexuality as unique as voice and fingerprints.

Most people have more tendency to the opposite sex, and are heterosexual. But they have some degree of attraction to the same sex- just not enough to act on. Others do. It’s a gigantic subject, far too vast to go into here. I already wrote one dissertation, and that isn’t even the main research. That’s just part of the lit review!

I understand we’re all different from each other more or less, and when it comes to sexuality and sexual tendency, we really need to get religion and social mythology out of it. None of it is wrong unless it hurts someone.

I enjoy a fetish called Vore. I love the human digestive system, and since sex is in the mind, through imagination we can go anywhere and do anything. I often imagine myself as a meal in a lover’s stomach, and the synesthesia of imagining the passage through and final grip of the anus, like a kiss, is erotic to me. Harms no one because it’s all in the mind. But I can give a male lover head (now divorced- her idea) and while I do, I listen to his belly digesting meals.

Different noises in the stomach, intestines, and then almost silent in the colon until defecation. Taste of food shows up in the feces, urine, and semen. Some foods sweeten, others embitter. Inside, it’s all connected together.

When I give a guy head, if between his legs, on the bed, or him on a chair, or toilet and me on the floor, I am in perfect position to hear everything going on inside his belly. I know the noises foods make when just eaten, and hours later when the stomach begins to pump them into the small intestines. Inside him, that process is much like ejaculation, with the stomach squirting the semen-like chyme into the small intestines, where the real pummeling and ravaging begins, which turns food into feces. The intestines make different rumbles and gurgles from the stomach- all are produced by bubbles of gas or air being squeezed past a thin membrane of muscular fold in the middle of a contraction. It vibrates the muscular fold like a brass players lips on a mouthpiece. You can get the same effect from buzzing your lips. A fart is the perfect buzz, and the anus the perfect embouchure for horn playing. Too bad we can’t control it!

If I suck and make love to his penis, slow and wet, sloppy, slurpy, deep, tonguing, licking, gently sucking his testicles, I listen to him digest his food, and recall Polyphemus in the Odyssey. How hot it would be, to be in his stomach as food, totally submissive to him, completely dedicated to an involuntary commitment that would not end until I was a knobby turd emerging from his gaping anus in one long, very nasty goodbye kiss. After defecation, my remains would serve his body and pleasure his penis as both urine and semen.

Somehow could I retain sentient awareness to know? When emerging from his anus as his turd, could I look up and see his wrinkly-skinned, plump scrotum coolly manipulating his testicles to make what he took from me into sperm? Would I become a thin layer of fat on his six-pack abs to make their definition a little softer and sexier? Or would I be added to the pad of fat on his ass, and help fill his jeans in that sexy way that makes lovers submit to his superior masculinity? How would it feel to be his semen, ejaculating through nine or ten inches of huge Black penis into the pussy of an old baby mama he was knocking up again? Or into the mouth of a brotha and then into his stomach again, for another trip through the body of a hot male? Or a new baby mama he was working on impregnating for the first time?

Maybe she was a white girl he was removing from the pool of available women to white men, both by impregnating her, and first and foremost by the sensation and pleasure his nine, ten, or even eleven inches of rock-hard, vein-wrapped penis, with a girth of seven or eight inches is capable.

White guys delude themselves saying the technique is more important. Some women do too. And that size doesn’t matter. When you watch a Black guy fuck a girl, all that evaporates back into the delusion that justified it.

I have seen in in real life enough times to know the difference.

I once watched an older White guy with the biggest white dick I ever sucked, fuck his woman. His was eight inches in length, seven inches in girth. In one session she presented herself to him on a lounge chair, doggy style. I was on the floor between his legs and by craning my head backwards, was able to press my lips to the underneath of the shaft of his penis, directly where it entered her vagina. I could also taste her pussy, lick her clit with my tongue, and with each of his thrusts, felt the swinging bag of his testicles slap my chin.

His girth was enough so she had multiple orgasms from the fuck alone. His penis was searing hot- even to the touch of my tongue. Very slippery and smooth, like lubed with the finest oil. But the lube was sexual secretions from his penis and her vagina, which I could taste with clear understanding what they were.

When he came, his penis suddenly changed flavor, and the bittersweet, salty, nutty taste of his semen of his penis dominated. I felt it flexing and throbbing as it delivered rope after rope of the pearly-white goo deep inside her body. Then it was my job to clean her out, while he recovered to do it again.

I want to do this again, with a Black male and his pussy. Black males I’ve watched fuck pussy make the girl cum so easily and effortlessly. Their biggest challenge is holding back on cumming. But when they do, all hell breaks loose.

I watched a Black guy pull a nine inch penis from the pussy of a Black girl he was fucking. He finished in missionary, and the pulled out at the last moment, holding his penis directly above her pubic mound. The first rope of semen ejaculated from his pee hole and splattered on her belly and up over her breast. Than another, and another, and another. It rivaled the cumshot I made when I first discovered ejaculation. When he finished, her breasts and belly were crisscrossed with splatters, trails, and ropes of thick, gooey white semen, and she was very repulsed and upset by it, because there was so much. She whimpered and cried, wiping and flinging blobs of semen off her in a panic.

Then there’s what we have in common. The Black male ass. Doesn’t matter if they’re athletes or chubs, the ass is always so deep you can sink your face into it and feel like you’re immersed and surrounded by butt muscle. Black males and females have steeper, rounder curves, especially in the ass. I think it makes their body core stronger, and more powerful too. Glutes are the largest muscles. Black male hips are more narrow than white males, and their buttocks stick out more in a physique actually described as steatopygia.

That comes from a combination of fat deposits above the gluteous muscle of the buttocks, and bone structure of the spinal curvature, intersection of vertebrae with the pelvis, shape of the pelvis, longitudinal formation of the pubic boot and bone. This not only gives Black people greater physical strength, it also supports the larger penis of the male, and in both sexes makes room for more intestine, which is more capable of the complete annihilation and destruction of food.

Their kinky Negroid hair butt cheek feels like wire stubble, almost invisible to the eye. Sometimes it is more sand-paper like. Sometimes the anal hair is wiry, and sometimes woolly and incredibly soft and springy. Same for the pubic hair. Their scalp hair is unbelievably soft, woolly and comfortable.

I answered a Friend Finder ad from a guy who said he had ten inches. By that time I’d never seen a ten inch penis and doubted the existence. Exaggeration? He answered the door, and I asked with some disbelief, “Are you really ten inches?” He wore running shorts and said to me, ‘You wanna see?” He pulled the waistband forward and I peered in at the biggest penis I’ve ever seen or been with.

He actually measures just under eleven inches, with an eight inch girth. My hands span ten inches from pinkie to thumb, and the glans of his dick is another inch beyond my thumb. I once measured him for some photographs, and along the top the eleven inch mark is draped right in front of his pee hole.

I can’t deep throat him. I’ve tried. He only likes to be sucked by guys. I can’t close my fingers around his penis either. He’s an older guy, 60+ now, and has a hard time keeping an erection. In his prime he must have been incredible.

My best friend is a Black guy with ten inches- seven in girth. I’ve watched and filmed him fucking many women, and it’s always the same. He turns them into loose, totally submissive, whimpering blobs of totally relaxed meat.

Occasionally a woman wants me to fuck her too. I have to fuck first, because when he fucks her, she is so loose and stretched out from him, she can’t even feel me, nor can I feel any resistance from her. I can usually make her cum once, and of course she makes me cum. But when he fucks her, she has linked chains of orgasms, one after another. She becomes completely submissive, totally relaxed and turned on, and yet helpless, except when she cums, and then she’s a bitch whore and dog for a minute, grinding and scrubbing her pubic hair or pubic mound against his bushy, kinky black pubic hair. I can’t begin to know what his ten inches feels like stretching her pussy. But she can’t seem to get enough.

He has to be careful when she climaxes, because she can so easily turn the tables of control, her hot, tight pussy rippling with sharp contractions around his dick. It makes him throb, and if he’s not careful, her pussy will make him cum. When he loses it, his penis becomes a driving impregnation machine. I have never seen a man nut so much semen! He penis pulses with visible contractions of the muscles around the base, in his groin and down to his anus. Inside he squirts ten to twelve ejaculations of thick, gooey, pearly white, translucent semen.

The sulcous rim cantle around the head of his penis lathers her deep vagina with the semen, and pulls it down the tender pink walls where it lubes his deep, pumping strokes. White smears of semen appear on the black skin of his penis, particularly where the texture of the huge veins make his penis a little bumpy. When he is finally through and pulls out, there isn’t even a drop of cum left to ooze from his pee hole. He delivers ALL of his cum into her pussy.

The translucent white smears of semen as lube on his penis glisten in the light and betray what his big penis just did inside her hot, gaping pussy. She lays motionless and exhausted, and his big penis loses its hard erection, but for a while keeps its huge size, flopping back and forth from thigh to thigh as he shuffles back to either get off the bed, or lay down next to her and tickle her clit and nipples in afterplay.

I fantasize about being eaten by either, spending the night in his stomach, and then passing through his digestive system, being turned into a turd. I never saw either defecate- although I have seen their unflushed shit in the toilet, or on the ground.

Ideally I’d be swallowed whole and alive. Not chewed. Ash can swallow a bratwurst whole, without chewing. Me as a five inch white boy could go down and curl up in his stomach quite easily. Then I’d gasp in the searing heat, feeling the stomach walls move and contract around me, and the tingly acids begin to dissolve my skin, and deaden my nerves so I could not move, nor feel it when mechanical peristalsis began to remove my muscles and viscera from the bone for his nutrition. I’d fall into a deep, sweaty sleep forever.

He’d digest me, sending me head first through his gut all the way. Just as I was swallowed whole, I’d emerge from his anus whole. What began at the lips of his mouth as a deep, deep kiss that sucked me into his stomach, would end with my remains sliding through his yawning anus. The lips of his anus would wipe that last film of glistening mucus over my remains, presenting me to a group of males watching and masturbating vigorously, to ejaculate and spill their useless semen on the floor, or ground, while his was designated by natural selection for the pussies and uteruses of their ex-girlfriends.

I would be wrapped in his sticky, bacteria-contaminated mucus like a hapless insect in a spider’s web- it drained of its vitals. Only for me, instead of the spider silk coffin, it would be his mucus-strand coffin wrapped around me, my hollow husks of lifeless bone scattered through his turd like kernels of undigested corn.

But I am content to suck his dick. Or Jim. I suck their dicks a lot.

I like other races too. All races really. Men and women. I like people! But for sheer eroticism, the Black male turns me on like nobody else. They have a well deserved reputation. “Once you go Black, you never go back.” The girls Jim fucks won’t touch a white guy.

I sexually reproduced and raised a family. Loved my wife and did well. I have a real daddy penis. Was supportive, dedicated, true and successful. But wife met a Black man, and I could not compete. He does things with his penis I can’t begin to imagine, or touch. We’re divorced, and she goes over there just for the sex. Her vagina is a huge, loose, cavernous wreck. She went over there for a massage the other day and when she came home I smelled his semen dripping from her crotch and on her breath. She has a dildo she uses at night, hidden in her lingerie drawer, and it’s about the size of Ash’s penis. Not quite twice mine. Far thicker, and four more inches. She says he makes her feel like a virgin again every time they fuck. My daughters both fuck Black guys exclusively too. I know my place.

I saw a Black male in the college student center once. He wore beige-white Dockers, and the thin cloth clung to his penis and scrotum, revealing them in stark detail. The head was pointed over toward his hip, and the sulcous rim around the head was perfectly visible through the soft cloth. The shape of his plump scrotum below the penis was perfectly betrayed by the cup cut and sewn to accommodate male anatomy. I wanted to drop to my knees in front of him and drain his balls right there. I didn’t care if it was public. I made excuses to be where I could watch him walk, and it was clear he was hunting for pussy to service his dick. His flaccid penis was almost six inches long, and I knew from experience, his boner had to be ten or more.

One Black guy I sucked invited me over to suck dick with fresh pussy scent on it. I knelt between his knees and enjoyed about nine and a half inches, and it was the second thickest, next to Ash. The scent of pussy on it was overwhelming, and he told me about her while I sucked. She was a white girl who worked at a bank. I’m not sure, but I think he’s been fucking my ex too. After all the years we were married, I knew her scent and the taste of her pussy well, and I am certain I smelled and tasted her on his penis.

When he came, the warm, bittersweet flavor of fresh semen flooded my mouth. He grabbed my head in his hands and thrust his penis through my lips I felt the soft splatter of blobs of semen hit the top of my throat, behind the uvula. Those I had to swallow immediately. The thrusts of his big penis made it hard to keep his flooding semen in my mouth. Either I had to let his cum drool over my lips and down my chin, or swallow it. I chose to swallow.

I thought about his penis cumming in pussy like that. Maybe cumming in my ex’s pussy like that. His attitude toward me was complete indifference. His only interest was his penis, and busting a nutt. I was more his toilet than lover, or pussy, and if he had to piss or shit, I am sure he would have. Furthermore I would have let him use me for his toilet.

So if you can’t beat ‘em, or compete with ‘em, you might as well serve ‘em. I am a Black male dick sucker, pussy, pig, and toilet.

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  1. Very interesting. What about the black mans load if he holds off ass long as he can I’m trying to imagisn the size of such a sidewinder in his briefs. I’ve seen skinny little white dump a load into his briefs the size of a big catchers mitt. Also seen big muscular men dumping a normal size for what I’m used to be seeing
    Now I know this must sound ballsy butt if you were to hold off for as long as you could, really get to the point that you are touching cotton then two things. One is your going to love the sinsation as it puts prusser on your prostate
    And second I think you should video tape it for me (or us) to see. I do have a fetish for a black masculine educated well dressed guy to get locked out of the bathroom at work. The camara in your full beefy butt as it expands and expands. I don’t know for sure but I have a pretty good idea your going to get into it. If we lived close I’d be happy to hold the camara and maybe give you some direction!

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