My Baby Girl~ (Part 2)

(Um so right now i had so many things planned for this but then i can’t remember XD So these are just gonna be little parts throughout the day, i’m gonna try and make this good i promise x)

(This is a Part 2 so if you would like to see all the normal information go back and read the first one, thank you.)


It was now Morning of the next day, day two.

Jack was spooning Emily, Emily had on one of his shirts and a night time diaper on, so it clung tightly to her and was a pull up, Jack slowly started to wake up, hearing Emily move around a bit, he smiled, memories of Yesterday coming back to him as he then moved one of his hands down from her stomach and to her crotch, wanting to feel if she had wet herself, He moved his hand under and pushed slightly, he felt slight sagging and warmness as he silently chuckled to himself, she had. He was quite glad about that before Emily shifted around again. He didn’t think much of it as Jack still kept his hand there as he then closed his eyes lightly, Emily then smiled slightly in her sleep and sighed in relief as she then started to pee into her pull ups, Jack instantly opened his eyes again but kept his hand there, looking to Emily as She let out another sigh of relief, the stream getting thicker against the padding off the diaper, which he then felt even more as he bit his lip, Emily relaxing and going limp. She soon finished as Jack smiled and kissed the back of her head, whispering “Good girl~” and he closed his eyes, them soon falling asleep again for another few hours.

They soon woke up, Emily now facing his chest, curled up as Jack was already awake and chuckled softly “Baby~ Baby girl wake up~” as Emily whined slightly and started to wake up slowly, yawning slightly “Daddy? Is it morning?..” as Jack nodded and chuckled, slowly sitting up “Come on baby, let’s get you changed~” and he picked up Emily and held her close, Emily staying limp against him as she yawned and started to wake up, rubbing her eyes as Jack walked into the bathroom. Jack crouched down and laid Emily on the towel again as Jack smiled “you pee’d twice last night baby~” and Emily blushed “H-How do you know?..” as Jack smirked “I was awake for one of them~” which Made Emily blush more as he pulled down her diaper, Emily then whimpered as he got the baby powder “D-Daddy i gotta Pee…I-I c-can’t hold it…” From being in her diaper and just being able to let go, holding was hard now. Emily whimpered as Jack smiled and chuckled “Just go Baby, you’re on a towel and it’s a tiled floor, Go wee wee~” as Emily blushed but nodded, she was leaned up on her elbows and she had her legs propped up (Like a birth position) as she closed her eyes and let out a sigh of relief as the Pee started gushing out of her at a fast rate and onto the towel, the towel quickly becoming drenched and a huge wet spot forming, Jack watching the whole time, watching her stream and watching the look on her faces, the pleasured face, the small whimpers she would let out like a real baby and in that moment, very happy that she had an extremely small bladder, though able somehow able to pee so much. Emily soon finished and blushed looking to him and Jack chuckled and smiled “Good girl~” and kissed her head softly before grabbing a day diaper, he put some baby powder on “Bum up~” He said as Emily lifted herself up, He slid the diaper under and she laid down again as he strapped the diaper up and pecked her lips before getting up himself, then picking her up “Come on baby girl~” as Emily giggled, Jack held her on his hip as he grabbed her pacifier on the way out the door of the bedroom, putting it in her mouth, instantly relaxing Emily as she hummed and he smiled “My good little girl~”

Later on they were now in the lounge, it was about Nine now, Jack wanted to give her some play time before they went out. Jack was sitting on the couch, his legs spread slightly as Emily was sitting on the floor, inbetween his legs, playing with her toys, she had been fed and had drunk alot, Jack doing that on purpose as he knew she had a small bladder and loved when she wet herself. Jack then looked down to her “Okay Baby girl, play times over, we gotta go to the shops, Daddy’s worked really hard to make money so then he can buy you good things and stay home with you.” and he smiled and kissed her head, Emily nodded and made grabby hands, wanted to be picked up, Jack chuckled and smiled as he picked her up, holding her close as Emily leaned against him, sucking on her dummy again as Jack walked upstairs, Emily then suddenly let out a hum as a hissing sound could be heard, Jack feeling it against his lower regions as she was now peeing a heavy stream, Emily going limp against him as she sucked on her pacifier, laying her head on Jack’s shoulder “It feels so good Daddy~” as Jack blushed but chuckled and nodded “it should baby girl~” as he rubbed her back as she finished “Good girl~ You’re such a good girl for daddy~” and he kissed her cheek as she giggled, Jack set her down so she was standing up and he grabbed her some tights and a dress as he looked to her “No Diaper change, you’re staying in the one you’ve got on~” and he took off her shirt and helped her into the tights, before putting the dress on her so you couldn’t even see her diaper “Perfect~” and he smirked “Now just because we’re going out you are aloud to stand and walk around, okay?” as to which Emily nodded “Yes Daddy~” and he smiled “And if there are people around call me Jack.” and Emily nodded again, Jack smiled and grabbed her hand “Come on, get used to walking again downstairs.” Emily nodded and started to slowly walk, it being weird and hard again but after a few moments she was fine as she followed. Jack grabbed his keys and wallet and walked out the door with her, locking it behind her before walking to the car “Get in Baby.” as Emily nodded and smiled, getting in on the passenger side as Jack got in on the drivers side and started the car up, quickly pulling out of the driveway and driving off.

They got to the shops not that long later and had a shopping trolley, now walking around the shops with Emily at his side, he was grabbing things from the shelves and mentally checking off things, they were in the aisle along at the moment, some people going in and out as Emily suddenly whimpered and tugged on Jack’s shirt, Jack looked to Emily with a hum as Emily whimpered again and clenched her legs together, restraining herself from holding her crotch “I-I gotta pee…” As Which Jack smiled and kissed her head, whispering back “Just go Darling~” As Emily bit her lip, she hadn’t ever pee’d standing, she had always wanted to but never had as she then looked around, she spread her legs slightly where as it still looked normal and she started to pee into her diaper, her blushing but liking the feeling of it standing up as she pushed it out, the hissing sound now louder as where Jack could hear it and he chuckled, blushing lightly himself. Emily blushed once she was done, feeling extremely naughty but excited as they both kept shopping.

They soon finished and had walked back to the car with the bags, now on their way home but stuck in traffic so it was gonna take twice as long, Jack huffed as he wriggled slightly, Emily looked over, curious as she then giggled “Do you need to go potty Daddy~?” as Jack nodded and groaned softly “I need to go Potty so bad..” He breathed out, he had been holding it for a while now as they then stopped again in traffic “T-There’s no where i can pull over…” and he bit his lip “I’m not gonna make it home baby girl…” he sighed seeing the traffic go no where and he then pulled over, trying to figure out something to do as he held his crotch tightly, groaning Before Emily just suddenly got an idea “Daddy! I have an idea~!” and she giggled “You can pee in my diapy~!” As Jack looked to her “How?..” and Emily giggled “Pull your seat forward and sit in the back.” Jack didn’t question it and got out, pulling his seat forward before getting into the back then there being room there as he sat back, Emily quickly going to the back, she took off her tights and lifted her dress, tucking it up into a shirt like thing as she giggled “Get your pee pee out~” as Jack chuckled and unbuckled and unzipped himself, then getting his cock out, leaking slightly as he grunted. Emily sat on her knees inbetween his legs as she got up on her knees, Jack slid over onto the edge of the seat and leaned over, looking down as Emily grabbed his cock, making him blush but she then put his cock in her diaper “Ta-Da~! Now you can go potty Daddy without any mess~!” Emily said as Jack chuckled ‘Are you sure baby? I’m gonna be peeing on you~” Jack said as Emily feverishly nodded, Jack sighed and nodded as he smiled and kissed her before pulling back, he then let go, starting to pee, his stream being slow and hesitant for a moment before he moaned and it turned into a thick and heavy stream, Emily blushed deeply feeling it on her as Jack leaned forward and rested his head on her shoulder, peeing harder as he groaned in relief “B-Baby it feels so good..” as Emily giggled and smiled.

Jack soon finished and panted as he then took his cock out and leaned back “W-Wow…” As Emily then put his cock back in his underwear and zipped and buckled him back up as she giggled “Good Daddy~?” and he nodded and smiled “Amazing, thank you baby girl, i feel much better~” as he then got up as Emily climbed back into the front and into the passengers side as Jack got into the drivers, pulling the seat back as he pulled back into the traffic, no later then only a few minutes later Emily pulled her legs up onto the seat, up against her chest as she then closed her eyes and started to pee, Jack glanced over and chuckled “Needed to go potty seeing me go~?” and she nodded, a loud hissing sound filling the car, about a minute later she finished, it only being short as she smiled and giggled “Fun adventure!” As Jack smiled as the traffic started to clear “A definite adventure indeed~”.

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